CoreLine: good reasons to switch to LED

CoreLine: good reasons to switch to LED

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With the technology LED today low energy consumption lighting fixtures are produced. The savings on the bill compared to traditional technologies are such that there are no longer any reasons not to switch to LED in environments such as schools and offices, but also at home.

The cost of LED technology fixtures, higher than traditional ones, is amortized in a short time thanks to reduced consumption and to less maintenance, without having to give up high quality lighting.

The LED market is very lively in this period and one of the reference producers, Philips, presented in recent days (January 2013) a new range of products destined to convince even the most refractory towards the transition to LED technology.

Philips' new line of LED lighting fixtures is called CoreLine and offers an advantageous alternative to traditional technologies in various applications due to low consumption and ease of installation. The CoreLine range includes four solutions: Proset, Downlight, Surface Mounted, Recessed.

Positive is the fact that with the CoreLine LED range, Philips has worked to provide not only high lighting performance, but also 'green' advantages that facilitate daily work: speed of assembly, ergonomics, unpacking and simplified disposal.

If the building is of new construction, LED technology must be considered in the design phase and in this way can be exploited to the fullest. Even in the renovation of existing spaces, however, CoreLine LED by Philips allows you to remove the old system and replace it without new wiring or structural changes.

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