Cut glass bottles

Cut glass bottles it is possible and with the right equipment it is also very simple. Working glass bottles you can get object holders, glasses but also chandeliers and feeders for animals!

Recycle glass bottles it is a recreational activity that is useful for oneself and for the environment, disposable vacuum is always the best way to recycle glass but if we want to build a glass with an old collectible beer bottle… let's arm ourselves with gloves, pliers and patience!

Cut glass bottles, online methods
In some web portals we read that it is possible cut glass bottles with simple changes in temperature and such fables. Thermal changes are necessary because the glass of the bottle is quite thick, but nothing is useful if you do not use a special cutter. There are many on the market glass cutter, both wheel and diamond, there are also special tools that allow you to cut glass bottles with a certain speed: these are diamond blades or silicon carbide coated blades or small Dremel blades with disc that can be applied to small cordless drills.

The cheapest glass cutter is the wheel cutter but it is also the least effective, especially when you need to cut thick glass like that of bottles.

There is also aglass cutterborn to cut bottles. If you buy the wheel with a budget of 5 euros, the bottle cutters are more expensive with prices ranging from 25 to 70 euros. A product with good value for money can be found on Amazon at a price of € 30.99 with free shipping, for all the details on the product we refer to the official Amazon page: Tool for cutting glass bottles

Cut glass bottles, the technique
Once you have purchased the tool that best suits your needs, get ready to cut glass. If you have taken the cutter recommended by us, you won't have to make any effort, otherwise you have to play with precision:

  • with the glass cutter, engrave on the surface to be cut: to be precise, you can keep the bottle uncovered only at the height of the cut and keep the rest covered with flexible polystyrene
  • boil some water and on the sink, immerse the bottle in boiling water and immediately after in the cold one. After a certain number of attempts, the bottle should cut itself (at this stage you may need pliers to help you immerse the bottle in hot water without burning yourself)
  • finish the jagged edges with glass paper of different grain
  • first pass the paper with 80 grit, then with 120, then with 180 grit and, if you want cut the bottle to make a glass, finish by passing the 220 grit glass paper

Video: How to cut a glass bottle - DIY (January 2022).