How to limit atmospheric pollution

How to limit atmospheric pollution

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For decades, man has arbitrarily polluted theair, then he finally became aware that he was destroying the planet. Solutions are needed now more than ever limit atmospheric pollution.
Theren atmospheric pollution it is caused by industrial fumes, car exhausts and heating systems. We can make a small contribution to limit atmospheric pollution, just change our habits.

How to limit atmospheric pollution in home
Each time theelectricity there is a plant that produces CO2 to provide you power, so he starts avoiding waste!

  • Do not keep the lights on in rooms where it is not needed, on the contrary, turn off the stand-by of all the appliances in the house.
  • Use the dishwasher and the washing machine only when fully loaded and above all do not do laundry at very high temperatures.

The ideal would be to install a photovoltaic system and in this case the carbon dioxide emissions they would be equal to zero at least in the summer period.

How to limit atmospheric pollution. The car
To prevent fine dust and PM10 from continuing to poison the'air of our cities we must learn to use their own less car and use more public transport and especially the bicycle.
If it is necessary to use the'car, you could opt for thecar shared. In practice, if you have to travel to go to work, you travel with other colleagues and often it is the employers themselves who make these cars available.
Just read up: there are associations to turn to that connect people who all have to go to a particular area.

If you have to go on a rather long journey, you can find someone who does the same journey as you and share the expenses for gasoline and the motorway. Think about how much money you would save!
Unfortunately, these ideas are almost never adopted, yet they allow you to save on travel expenses as well as save money CO2 emissions.

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