FAI launches the Primaries of Culture

FAI launches the Primaries of Culture

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First a place and now a theme, the important thing is that they always exist citizens to choose. Deputies and senators not those, they choose them blocked party list with that mechanism (the 'porcellum', the perfect name for the current electoral law) that once again the Slothful Parliament failed to change.

So here is the idea, certainly green: since we cannot give our preference to deputies and senators, let's at least choose the issues that we would like to see supported by the next rulers. Let's at least try.

After the survey on 'Places of the heart' closed in November 2012, on FAI (Italian Environment Fund) harnesses the power of the network for a new collection of opinions among the population, this time on cultural issues to bring to the attention of the future Parliament.

The initiative is called 'The Primaries of Culture' and is active from 7 to 28 January 2013 on the dedicated website. This is the first time that a large popular consultation has been held in Italy with the aim of promoting and enhancing solutions in the field of culture, landscape and the environment.

How do you vote? There are 15 topics available to citizens culture, landscape and environment, the topics that have always distinguished FAI's activity: you go to the site (see below), register and choose. Each Internet user can indicate up to three topics, but can also express his / her own comment on them and integrate them with suggestions; which is possible because the platform is designed to interact with the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter and G +.

From 28 January 2013, at the end of the voting operations, all the preferences collected will be used to draw up the ranking of the most voted themes. And then? And then the real gamble begins: the data will be officially announced and presented to the parties and candidates of the next political elections, who will be able to publicly commit to supporting them in case of victory. We'll see.

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