Organic fruit

Organic fruit

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Our body needs a balanced supply of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other important elements. In our diet food a crucial role is played by fruit and vegetables. In particular, the fruit. Because? The fruit is mainly ingested raw, without any cooking.

This factor makes the fruit rich in nutrients but also less safe: a simple wash is not always enough. It is in this context that the organic fruit it is the perfect ally of the organism. More than of organic fruit from label, let's talk about organic fruit of local cultivation.

Many people underestimate the importance of biological, yet both fruit and vegetables today, due to the impoverishment of the soil, the prolonged times of transport and storage and above all due to the massive use of fertilizers / pesticides, fruit and vegetables have been slowly depleted of their own substances vital.

An example? The apples today contain only 20 percent of the C vitamin compared to apples examined 20 years ago. The same is true for the beta-carotene in fennel which retains only one fifth, the calcium in broccoli dropped by two thirds and so on for pears, apricots, peaches, etc .. The organic fruit can solve, at least in part, this age-old question.

Many researches show that the amount of nutrients in the fruit is the same, whether it is organic cultivation, both if it is industrial cultivation. So how should the consumer? He simply has to buy from the little ones local farmers.

Buy fruit from a local producer can give us more benefits than the very expensive organic brand. Those who have a small cultivation of land have no intention of targeting the masses, therefore they do not apply industrial cultivation methods. The vast majority of farmers, cultivates the land by applying traditional methods in order to obtain fresh and genuine products. By purchasing a zero kilometer the problem related to the depletion of fruit dictated by storage and transport will also be cut.

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