Vertical gardens for interiors

Vertical gardens for interiors

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THEvertical gardens they have become an essential trend of eco-architecture for interiors where you can concentrate all the greenery you could want in a small space. Interior design is evolving more and more from a perspective sustainable to bring entire green walls into apartments and offices. What is a vertical garden? It is a wall covered with a set of modules that allow the attachment, rooting and development of plant species so as to form a single and compact covering of the entire wall. It must be clear, before going further, that not all vertical gardens host vertical plants

The modules are generally made up of aluminum frames or recycled materials that hold "pockets" in natural fabric. The rooting of the vegetative species is guaranteed by the intervention of automatic dosers and electronic control units that provide the plants with all the nutrition they need. In addition to the aesthetic advantage, vertical gardens for interiors respond positively to the energy needs of homes. A vertical garden can also be a great option formodern design gardens

Vertical gardens for interiors. the MossTile
the Italian Benetti Stone has created MossTile, a vertical garden made with a particular type of moss that feeds itself in environments with ambient humidity equal to or greater than 50%.

It does not need irrigation or natural lighting, it does not need to be pruned and is ready for installation on ecological resin supports. It can be applied on square or round modules, to form entire green walls or more or less regular geometric designs. MossTile was made in twelve natural shades ranging from licorice black, to mauve and paprika red.

Vertical gardens for interiors. Vertical garden and art
An interesting green architecture project was installed in London, in the National Gallery, a vertical garden that portrays the painting by Van Gogh "Wheat field with cypresses". With its 8,000 plants of 25 different species, it is part of the National Gallery's eco-sustainable plan which has already converted the lighting of all its rooms to LED, reducing its carbon footprint.

Vertical gardens for interiors. The Quizcamp
It is a Minigarden for interiors in a modular structure designed by the Portuguese agro-food company Quizcamp. The modules are available in black or white and in two different sizes and suitable for the cultivation of edible plants.

Vertical gardens for interiors. Wally Living Wall
The Wally Living Wall is a modular system of wall “pockets” created for the comfort of plants. They are made of recycled PET, they are fully insulated on the back, so as not to allow moisture to damage the wall on which they are hung. On the other hand, a breathable membrane allows excess water to evaporate.

If you love vertical gardens, you cannot fail to visit, at least virtually, iHanging Gardens of Babylon

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