Promotion for Italian agricultural products

Promotion for Italian agricultural products

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Me too'Italian agriculture will benefit from the 27.15 million euros made available by the European Union for the promotion of agricultural products, so on the national territory, but also abroad, the farms setting up advertising campaigns, exhibitions and exhibitions to sponsor fruit vegetables, meats, cheeses, oil, DOP products, IGP and stg. The goal is to increase the turnover for food products and intensify the commitment to initiatives aimed at enhancing agricultural resources.

Fairs, events and campaigns will be financed 50% with EU funds, the remaining cost will be covered by professional associations or with state funds. This intervention is the latest in a package of 14 initiatives, but how does the information program?

To take advantage of the Economic support made available by the European Union, professional organizations must present their promotion projects on first appeal to the State which will make a first selection. It will be the Italian State to transmit the list of selected programs to the European Commission, which will re-evaluate them and decide if they are eligible for funding.

The promotion projects that the agricultural organizations will present to the State, will have to provide for public relations, promotion, advertising, events, fairs and everything that can highlight the advantages of the products in question, especially in terms of quality, hygiene, food safety, nutrition, labeling, animal welfare is respect for the environment.

A similar initiative, in 2010, guaranteed a major promotion ofItalian extra virgin olive oil and foods such as ham San Daniele and cheese Grana Padano, just for the promise of olive oil 1,772,568 euros were invested, while for the San Daniele and Grana Padano the funding was around 2 and a half billion euros.

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