RoadBike Pro, the app that loves cycling

RoadBike Pro, the app that loves cycling

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If the bicycle is an important component of your life, you can't miss this smartphone app. It is about RoadBike Pro and turns your iPhone into a concentrate of useful features for every cyclist. The application has been designed for both the occasional cyclist and the professional athlete.

RoadBike Pro brings 50 functions to the iPhone that will allow you to keep track of your pedal tours. From standard performance monitoring such as timing, calories burned, speed, distances and runs to more advanced ones such as wind speed, altitude or heart rate. RoadBike Pro allows you to map the routes traveled through Google Maps and, moreover, it is possible to download the maps to consult them in Offline mode in the absence of an internet connection.

When you board the bicycle just launch the application and register a new tour. If you stop along the way, there is no need to stop the race, the automatic pause detection will take care of not losing even a second! Among the goodies offered by the application is the presence of avoice assistance which informs the user about the activities carried out and, in case of need, encourages him to do better! The cyclist can also be encouraged by his friends; thanks to the Live Tracking function, friends can be informed about the user's location.


RoadBike Pro keeps track of each tour by means of a diary which offers a history of all the data collected. The history can give life to statistics or graphs in order to identify the critical points of the cyclist or improvements. Every experience aboard the bicycle it can be shared with friends on Facebook, G +, Twitter and of course on the fitness network by Runtasic.

The application is available in a free version and Pro. The free version is missing some features such as the ability to view maps in offline mode, voice assistance, live tracking or GeoTagging. The Pro version of RoadBike is available on the AppStore at a cost of € 5.49 and those who are not satisfied, by purchasing a sensor, can also keep track of heart beat both in real time and through pie charts.


A feature not to be underestimated is that multi-user. We recommend this function not to let you share the app with friends or relatives, but to create multiple profiles in the case of multiple bicycles. If you have several available bicycles you can create a user for each of them and understand which one is more performing.

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