Sustainable mobility: cities that are the laboratory of green transport

Sustainable mobility: cities that are the laboratory of green transport

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There sustainable mobility it promotes new opportunities for development and employment, reducing emissions, environmental impacts and transport congestion. That's why the sustainable mobility is one of the topics addressed by States General of the Green Economy (7-8 November in Rimini as part of Ecomondo) with a series of concrete proposals.

The proposals? Here they are. Bet on one sustainable urban mobility; promote the dissemination of low-emission vehicles with differentiated tolls and other forms of incentives; develop digital infrastructures for transport; to double the modal share of freight and passenger transport on regional rail by 2030 to make teleworking take off; reach the European target for i biofuels focusing on those of the second and third generation and on biomethane; create a sea transport with low energy consumption.

There mobility in Italy it is increasingly a local phenomenon with short journeys that mostly take place within the city, the sum of passenger journeys below 10 km is in fact 70% of the total. Italian private cars (more than 37 million, the highest number in Europe) are responsible for pollution, congestion, accidents, and soil consumption among the highest in Europe.

Managing the demand for transport, especially in the urban environment, means acting on three dimensions: movement through measures such as telework or the car sharing; the distance, through measurements of smart growth to bring the length of travel back to the level of 10 years ago (-9 Mt of CO2 by 2030); the vehicle occupancy rate, today of 1.2 passengers per vehicle in the city., through measures such as the car pooling, the city ​​logistic.

Technological innovation, then, in the car sector (hybrid car, electric car etc.) will also help the car sector in crisis. For public transport, the Italian Cinderella, there is good news: by 2020 105 new km of subways and 50 of tramways have been financed.

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