Samsung ES8000: here is the environmentally friendly smart TV

Samsung ES8000: here is the environmentally friendly smart TV

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The Samsung ES8000 SMART TV 55-inch received the Energy Efficiency Award over the Lumen Award 2012 as device recognition environmental friendly. The feature that allowed the Samsung ES8000 to achieve this result is the excellent energy performance, with a consumption equal to 11% compared to previous models thanks to a lower presence of LEDs while having excellent image quality.

From Samsung they explain that the device is developed and built to be eco-friendly in a broader sense thanks to: non-hazardous chemicals and almost all are recyclable (the recyclability estimate of the TV components is 96.80%); slim design (weight decreased by 35% compared to the 2011 models, passing from 4.2 kg to 2.7 kg); reduction of materials (12% less metal and 27% less plastic used compared to 2011 models); brightness adjustment sensor (automatism that calibrates the brightness in relation to the intensity of the ambient light to guarantee energy savings of up to 52%); energy label recognition (the SMART TV ES8000 falls into class A of the European Union energy label evaluation).

Samsung ES8000 also complies with the latest standards Ecolabel Flower, ensuring the best energy performance, and has achieved the e Nordic Swan. The only novelty on the market of voice, gesture and con Facial recognition that characterizes the ES8000 model, based on technology Smart Interaction, it also saves the batteries of the remote controls.

"Excellence and innovation are the basis of the work we do at Samsung and the ES8000 is an example of how technology can be used responsibly, making its contribution in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency", he has declared Paolo Sandri, Vice President Audio Video and Home Appliance of Samsung Electronics Italia. "This important recognition is proof of our constant commitment and confirms the will to accompany the consumer towards a responsible and conscious purchase in all its aspects, starting from the added value that technology can guarantee to their daily life up to the positive impact that could have on the environment ".

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