HESA: the safety of photovoltaic parks

HESA: the safety of photovoltaic parks

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The FLIR thermal camera from HESA

THE photovoltaic parks are constantly increasing also in Italy and increasingly at risk of theft and damage. Hence the birth of a range of new devices (a real new market niche) specifically designed for the safety of these systems. The goal is to protect against theft, intrusions and behaviors that can jeopardize the functioning and safety of the environments.

An example in this sense comes from the company HESA, which launched a range of systems and devices Theft Protection, anti-intrusion and of video surveillance integrable able to protect any photovoltaic park 24 hours a day, even in particularly critical environmental conditions.

The systems are based on two new models of laser scanning passive infrared detectors. The first is Optex Redwall: available in three versions for medium and large surface fields and are characterized by a particular immunity to false alarms, thanks to the anti-masking function and the accelerometer that immediately sends the alarm if the detector is tampered with or rotated.

The second model is Optex Redscan: a very versatile anti-intrusion system based on a laser scanner since it detects, within areas that can be configured according to the needs and the environmental situation, the distance, speed and size of a moving subject, with high reliability against false alarms. At each risk event it carries out rapid verification processing using a sophisticated algorithm. The IP version is equipped with 8 independent remote outputs to as many cameras.

Microwave barriers HE 400 it is then possible to ensure reliable and timely perimeter protection even for very large surfaces. With a range of up to 200 meters, these microwave barriers stand out for their immunity to vibrations, wind, sun, snow, rain and dust or extreme temperatures

Another important element is the FLIR thermal cameras, with which it is possible to carry out a constant video control, with a quality and clarity of the images even at great distances and remotely, definitely unique. These are thermal cameras that can make the most of the unique features of the best thermographic or thermography imaging. Of military origin, they are particularly suitable for protecting photovoltaic parks from criminal episodes and, thanks to the specific function of detecting the rise in temperatures, even from fires.

The system Veltralux, consisting of special plastic optical fiber cables, finally allows the security of video data and image transmissions, and the maximum guarantee of constant quality, even over long distances. It is a plastic fiber optic system, to be fixed to the panels, which triggers the alarm in case of attempted theft and has excellent resistance in any weather condition, a great exceptional and the possibility to connect to any central alarm.

Video: Part 1, Solar Photovoltaic Safety for Firefighters; Version 2011 (July 2022).


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