Oreadi, the entirely green kitchen

Oreadi, the entirely green kitchen

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When technology and design move in correspondence with ecology and sustainability, a name appears, TM Italia Manifattura Sartoriale Cucine.

From such an innovative company and sensitive to the environment, is born Oreadi, the ecological cuisine with vegetable garden, compostator, with which you can fertilize the vegetable garden inside the kitchen, clay freezer and purifying phyto wall. The Oreadi kitchen aims at sustainability in all moments of the production cycle: recycle water and with that he waters the garden, has a green lung that humidifies and purifies the air and a cooler that does not consume electricity. Obviously it is entirely composed of recycled and recyclable materials.

There Oreadi kitchen has an archaic natural refrigeration system, lo Zerr Pot. It is a terracotta container with moist sand inside that guarantees the ideal temperature for drinks, fruit and vegetables. Shells, doors and worktop are made with different composite panels made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials such as paper and wood. The resins that have been used are petroleum-free and the colors for the finish are water based.

Oreadi it also has a green area with the aromas to be cultivated and a wall set up with a plant, Tillandsia Usneoides, which is able to purify up to 50 square meters of air around it. Under the sink, there is a device that analyzes thewaste water which is reused for the dishwasher, for garden irrigation, for the nebulization of Tillandsia and for moistening the zeer pot. The device is in fact able to distinguish the still clean water destined for the recycling from the gray one for the exhaust pipe. Oreadi, in addition to being a kitchen, represents the future towards a style of eco-sustainable life.

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