Alessio Mesiano with BioMi: "the shopping that loves you"

Natural, organic, ecological, vegan and fair trade products at prices as low as possible. Of course, the direct comparison cannot be done because "you have to consider which product nourishes the most and poisons the body and the environment less. Saving in nutrition can therefore mean damaging your health. In the end it becomes a choice of priority, and if it is true that health is priceless, it is easy to draw conclusions ”. So Alessio Mesiano opened "Biomes - The shopping that loves you"Where you can buy but also just taste, try, smell and caress products" respectful of man and the environment ".

1) What is in the "Shopping that loves you" cart?

There is a bit of everything: fresh and packaged food products, detergents, cosmetics, home and kitchen accessories, clothing and accessories for children, vegan bags and shoes, products for animals.
We have tried to expand the range of products as much as possible in order to satisfy everyone's different needs and to resemble as much as possible, as an assortment, to a supermarket.
2) How can you distinguish truly organic products from others with possibly misleading names?

Recognizing organic products is simple, there are special logos. The European trademark consists of a leaf designed with the stars of the European Union usually on a green background. For more information, visit the website

3) What advantages do they have compared to traditional foods?

The biological it should not be understood as a fashion, but rather as a choice and a desire to return to the healthy habits of the past when seasonal products were consumed and nature was respected without forcing its cycles. As is the case today, however, with the use of GMOs and chemicals that become impregnated in the products, pollute the environment and poison animals and insects.

The imperative is therefore to reduce the environmental impact to ensure a future for the next generations.
However, the advantages of organic farming do not stop there: the products of the earth grown in a natural way have nutritional properties superior to traditional products, as they are richer in nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.
Those who criticize the often higher costs should therefore make a more analytical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional and organic products, and consider which product feeds the most and poisons the body and the environment for the same weight.
Saving in nutrition can therefore mean damaging your health. Eventually it becomes a priority choice, and while health is priceless, it's easy to draw conclusions.

4) What pricing policy have you adopted in order not to discourage the purchase of these products?

It is known that organic costs a little more, but not always: it depends on the products. As a company policy, we have applied prices as low as possible to ensure that anyone can approach a more critical, responsible and sustainable lifestyle. However, it is inevitable to clash with people who do not understand or appreciate the added value of natural products, in fact it happens that it is difficult to make it clear that there is no comparison between our products and traditional cheap ones because of the very low quality ingredients. that make up the latter.

5) Who buys organic? What do you see from your Biomi "observatory"?
Most of those who buy organic do so because they have made it a philosophy of life, based on a healthier style that respects the environment and animals. Our customers are very careful about what they buy not only because they are curious, among them many have health problems such as gluten or milk intolerances, diabetes or overweight. Others, however, by choice do not consume certain foods, such as vegans.
Those who cannot afford to do a full shopping with us come at least to buy particular products otherwise unavailable in large supermarkets or to look for natural alternatives to drugs.

6) What perplexities or curiosities are expressed to you? And which products "go" the most?

There is a bit of everything in food, and especially wholemeal, gluten-free and sugar-free products. There is a lot of curiosity about vegetarian and vegan foods because they are little known, and there are many doubts, they ask us how they are cooked, what they taste like. Every day we organize various tastings in order to discover all these alternatives. A product that is particularly popular when we try it is the carob spread.
Fresh bread is very popular because it is prepared with sourdough / sourdough and therefore without added yeast, and those who want special flours can also order it.
We recently introduced sprouts, in seeds and already sprouted, we are making them known a little at a time, explaining their properties above all, and we are sure that in a few months consumption will increase more and more also because they are very easy to use.

7) You also have books, cosmetics and organic detergents: which are more successful and which are less?

There are many questions about detergents and cosmetics that customers ask us because in large-scale distribution you can find the products of the usual brands whose composition is largely chemical. With us, on the other hand, there are unknown natural alternatives and therefore there is a desire to learn more. In addition to being ecological, detergents are also on tap, and this is much appreciated because the refills cost less and the consumption of plastic is reduced.
Between books and magazines there is interest in everything, considering that they deal with topics of all kinds. We have several cookbooks, manuals on how to cure intolerances or grow sprouts and much more.

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