Bloombox for iPhone

Bloombox for iPhone

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With the growth of consciousness green the hi-tech devices that recall nature are increasingly popular. In fact, the Bloombox it does not recall nature but hosts it in conjunction with one docking station and a music amplifier for iPhone / iPod.

Land and water are deadly enemies for technology, especially for the motherboards of our devices, but what it offers Bloombox it is an excellent mix where technology does not invade the field of nature and the two elements can coexist in harmony.

Bloombox one finds it in a campaign of Kickstarter and can be obtained with a pledge of around 40 euros. It is an instrument that offers acoustic amplification, docking station for iDevice and a hollow area where you can host some greenery, it can fit perfectly in the office or simply in your own home.

So you can load theiPhone and enjoy some music without depriving yourself of the greenery. The amplifier system for iPhone works without the need for electricity, the sound is naturally amplified thanks to the shapes of the box. The device is in ceramic and it is available in different colors the standard black and white and in limited edition the red and light blue.

Video: Bloom Box iOS Trailer - Chain Reaction Puzzle (July 2022).


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