The bank saves by turning off PCs

The bank saves by turning off PCs

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The savings from the automatic shutdown of PCs on a vast IT park can be really significant

A economic saving annual of about 750,000 euros and a minor environmental impact equal to approximately 2,500 tons of CO₂ not emitted into the atmosphere every year. So much, it is estimated, he got Banca Intesa San Paolo, one of the largest Italian banking institutions, from the initiative of automatically shut down computers of all its branches at night and on weekends.

The project was launched a few years ago and it is only now possible to monitor its results. What they wanted to do was eliminate him energy waste caused by computer stations left on overnight and on weekends, a recommended practice on older generation hardware equipment to avoid the on-off procedure of the machine, wearing out for the PC and a source of high consumption on old hardware.

In the network which at the time of the project included 26,000 PCs, originally not compatible with the need for automatic shutdown and restart, the hardware was updated. In this way, the service was immediately activated on 23,000 PCs of the 34,000 total in the network of branches of the former Sanpaolo. Only 11,000 PCs were excluded, which the bank has promised to update as soon as possible.

The tests and evaluations carried out in different phases taking into consideration 50,000 PC stations in total have shown that i savings in economic terms and of less pollution for CO₂ emissions are those listed above.

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