The Vegetarian Festival is coming

The Vegetarian Festival is coming

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The third edition of the Vegetarian Festival. The three days dedicated to the world Veg will be held in Gorizia, in Piazza della Vittoria and provides free access. An opportunity to discuss with experts and doctors but also simply to enjoy 100% vegetarian menus green. The culinary delights will be available at the various food stands and prepared by refined chefs specially summoned for the occasion.

The Vegetarian Festival it is open to all, it is aimed at a wider audience to inform, raise awareness and above all to entertain: an opportunity for fun even for the little ones with street artists, jugglers, equilibrists, storytellers and games of various kinds.

The hot topics of the Festival will be the veg cuisine but also the environment, the ecology and the green economy. On the surface there may be no connection between a diet and the environmental sustainability. In fact, an FAO report tells us that meat production levels contribute at least 22% of greenhouse gasesproduced annually from the earth. In 2006 alone, around 8 billion tons of CO2 came from the production and consumption of meat; this means that in one year, a meat eater can pollute as much as a car traveling 2,897 kilometers!

There sustainability it could change the world starting from small gestures. This is the message that the Vegetarian Festival will pass on: "we must focus everything on culture, because we believe that it is the only, real vehicle to convey a message, of attention and care first of all, which comes from the smallest daily action, to get to the great heroic deeds.

If you want to get to Gorizia for the Vegetarian Festival but you live far away, better take a look at the carpooling services, reduce traffic and save money. General references: Vegetarian Festival

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