How to refresh the house

How to refresh the house

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How to cool the house without air conditioner: remedies against the heat so as to keep the house cool and cool even without any air conditioning.

Charon, Minos and then Lucifer, these were the names given to the heat waves that hit Italy a few summers ago. This year it was the turn of the Azores anticyclone which brought the mercury column to touch 40 ° C in the southernmost locations of Italy. How many others anticyclones Can we endure before we bend in the heat The summer heat stresses us and makes us irritable, to seek remedies against the heatit is lawful and fair!

How to survive high temperatures and most importantly, they existremedies for heat without air conditioning? It will be difficult but let's not despair! There are strategies that will allow us to refresh the house without having to install any air conditioning system!

How to cool your home without an air conditioner

Save energy it means save money but above all, to help the planet fight thepollution. Choose a high conditioner energy efficiency it will help us to pollute less, but what if we don't have any systems in the house and we don't want to face this expense? Who will help usfight the heatit's atrefresh the house without the air conditioner? Here is a series of useful tips to save energy and, in the meantime,refresh home.

  1. Lower the shutters.
  2. Close the shutters in the hottest hours of the day to protect the room from sunlight. Solar radiation propagates heat and increases temperatures in the house suddenly. How to do? Play early, check the sun's course to keep the blinds closed before its rays can hit certain rooms.
  3. Open windows intelligently: windows should be opened early in the morning and later in the evening. Conversely, windows should be closed during the hottest hours of the day with the shutters down.
  4. Solar radiation is considered so "incisive" in raising temperatures in the home, that the state has provided incentives for those who install solar shading. Consider installing a system that can shade your windows (roller shutters, screening mosquito nets, special curtains…).
  5. Turn off all appliances, even the most harmless ones give off heat. Turn off everything, including printer, PC… everything.
  6. Avoid bright lights, better to use cold type energy saving lamps and LED lighting.
  7. Pay attention to humidity. All the activities that produce water vapor increase the temperature in the house: the shower and the laundry should be done in the coolest hours so as not to increase the humidity with further steam.
  8. Set up awnings and parasols on the veranda or balcony.
  9. Grow plants indoors. Vegetation regulates humidity and also has a positive impact on temperature; remember, however, to choose succulents or plants that have minimal water needs.
  10. Use the hob as little as possible. Prefer fresh food so as not to access the stove. Salads and foods that require fast cooking times are ideal for the summer period.
  11. The fan consumes fifteen times less than the air conditioner, if you really can't do without it, use it.

Dehumidifier to cool the house

The dehumidifier it is useful for refresh the house without air conditioner? Sure! On the contrary, try to keep the humidity level low. In this regard, use a dehumidifier homemade or one of those trays you find on the market; to get an idea, I refer you to "this Amazon address" where 5 moisture-absorbing trays can be bought with € 14.11 and free shipping. Humidity plays a crucial role on the perceived temperature. Lowering the humidity is a more effective strategy for itselfoffer less heat in the house.

These tricks are very effective for anyone wonderinglike cooling your home without air conditioning.Sure, you won't turn your home into the "North Pole" but you can certainly feel the difference.

Remedies against the heat to cool the house

There are, then, othersnatural remedies for heatwhich can help us not tokeep the house cold in the summer, but to suffer less from the heat.

  1. Drink a lot, remember to drink fresh but not cold water.
  2. Avoid taking cold showers, once you go out you will tend to absorb more heat and feel even hotter! Take a classic lukewarm shower even in summer.
  3. Wear cotton clothing that is light, loose and cool. Avoid synthetic, tight, tight or elastic clothing.
  4. Wear light-colored or, even better, white clothes. Black and dark fabrics absorb the wavelengths of solar radiation, while light colors reflect them. Think that a NASA study states that if all the roofs in the city were painted white, there would be a minor "island effect".
  5. Avoid crowded places and urban centers.
  6. Wear a cool hat to shade the garment.

Betweenremedies to fight the heat and cool the house without air conditionerthe couple is often mentioned "fan and ice“.

In fact, this remedy can be useful but only in certain environments. The reason? The humidity.

It is true that the binomialfan and icecan be a good tool forrefresh home without air conditioning but it has big limitations. How does it work and what are the limits? The thermal gradient that forms between ice (very cold) and the surrounding environment (very hot) tends to cancel itself out until the ice has melted and ice and air reach the same temperature. It means that the air will tend tocool offby the ice. You will think: "great! Then I found a good way torefresh the house!”

Before cheering, consider that you have given off water vapor, raising the humidity level. If the environment and the room you live in is very dry, then this remedy can be valid, however if you live in a house that is already very humid, you must carefully consider the useremedies against the heatwhich require the use of ice.

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