How to widen your shoes

How to widen your shoes

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Have you ever ruined your day because of shoes tight? How many times have we returned home with swollen and blistered feet due to uncomfortable shoes. Maybe we care too much about those shoes even if tight on the feet and we have no intention of throwing them away. Do you want to continue wearing them without suffering anymore? Here is a DIY remedy.

How to widen your shoes. Freezer method
A good way to widen tight shoes is to use ice.

How to widen the shoesis. The necessary
Plastic bags, those for freezing food
A normal freezer or freezer large enough to fit your shoes

How to widen your shoes. The preparation
Fill the bags with 1/4 of water for each. Make sure that the bags are sealed well and insert one per shoe in the part that precisely tightens and causes pain. Place the shoes in the freezer and wait for the water to turn into ice. It is advisable to remove them from the freezer no earlier than 24 hours.

The water that has become ice expands its volume: in this way it will exert pressure on the part to be expanded.
Take the shoes out of the freezer and let them rest for half an hour. Finally remove the two bags. Once worn, you will immediately find a more comfortable and comfortable fit. This method works for all types of shoes, heels, moccasins or ballet flats: vary the amount of water, increase or decrease it according to the part to be modeled.
Good walk.

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