Practical advice for ecological shops

Practical advice for ecological shops

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The protection and management systems of the points of sale contribute to the environmental balance

The use of technologies for identifying and protecting items (EAS) more advanced not only allows retailers to improve efficiency and reduce thefts, but also to do so while protecting the environment.

There Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) today it is an added value for companies that is highly appreciated by consumers. Prevent i environmental damage caused by businesses and make theirs compatible economical progress with the social welfare it is a factor that has a positive impact on the business and, consequently, on business budget.

"The commitment of businesses in terms of social responsability it is increasingly important for consumers who, when they decide to acquire certain products or services, tend to reward socially responsible companies. Thus, the CSR it not only benefits society, but it favors the company itself, "he says Marco Guadagnini, business development manager of ADT Fire & Security.

"Following this trend - adds Guadagnini - it becomes necessary to create solutions that minimize theimpact on the environment: from the final products or services, up to the supply and administration chain that are part of the process. The distribution companies, for example, they have tools at their disposal that allow them to enhance their commitment to the environment in three fundamental aspects ".

Conservation. It means to limit and optimize costs and materials employed in the production process. Energy saving is made possible thanks to the design of devices and processes that require a minimum amount of resources or have the option of saving consumption. In these cases, the use of renewable energy is interesting, whenever possible. Another measure to consider is the reduction of the use of packaging and packages through the design of more efficient alternative systems.

The reduction of residues. It's possible limit the emission of harmful gases which cause global warming and also the discharge of pollutants generated by technological, transformation and fire-fighting systems that use halon or HFC hydrofluorocarbons. Proper maintenance and the strictly necessary use of the company fleet is a good example of a measure to be implemented in this sense. As well as using local goods and resources, rather than making use of services that involve a greater number of longer trips.

Recycling and recirculation. The essence of preserving the environment inevitably passes from consumption and a minimum emission of resources and waste. This can be done through recycling and reuse of residues generated in the production process, limiting the use of new materials in favor of recycled ones.

The practical application of all these measures is possible - and already verifiable - in companies of the security and retail sector. “The development of technologies for electronic article surveillance (EAS) optimizes protection against theft and offers new features that facilitate the management of your point of sale. The new systems and electronic protection measures for the items have been designed to achieve energy savings of up to 50% compared to previous systems ”, underlines Guadagnini.

Still in the retail world, a concrete measure to reduce the environmental impact is the creation of re-circulation of rigid labels. The rigid labels used in conjunction with the EAS anti-theft systems are made up of easily reusable metal and plastic elements. The protection labels can not only be reused once more in the store but, once their useful life cycle is over, they are easily separable and recyclable in the various components.

Another green line of action concerns the integration of an inventory analysis solution with i anti-theft systems (EAS) that guarantees reliable and economic security. Effective inventory management prevents many problems in inventory management. This reduces the need for maintenance, transport and costs.

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