Battery recycling, the virtuous locations

Battery recycling, the virtuous locations

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Thanks to the project carried out byERP and by the WWF, almost 2,000 kg of cells and batteries were collected in Italian schools. The challenge for the recycling he highlighted the most virtuous places. Let's see them together.

1,000 teachers involved, 18 schools and 7,500 students. The Extraordinary harvest month paid off with a total of 1,867 kilograms of exhausted portable batteries and accumulators. The aim of the project was to raise awareness among pupils in reducing the use of batteries and to favor them rechargeable batteries. The batteries must be disposed of correctly and the cities of Arezzo, Bergamo, Latina, Macerata, Mantua and Ravenna, have shown that the difference can be made.

The most virtuous is Macerata with 605 kg then follow:
Bergamo 380 kg
Ravenna 299 kg
Mantua 234 kg
Arezzo 176 kg
Latina 160 kg

At school level, the most virtuous institutes were: Bergamo with the Ghisleri Primary school which collected 210 kg, Ravenna with the Ricci-Muratori Grade I secondary school with a collection of 161 kg, Mantua with the Nievo Primary school with 173 kg , Arezzo with the Vasari Grade I Secondary School which totaled 126 kg of cells and batteries destined for recycling and finally the IC Aldo Manuzio of Latina with 70 kg. Symbolic awards were organized in schools with the supply of laboratory instruments and products of the rechargeable line presented by one of the project partners: Varta.

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