Solar park, live streaming setup

Have you ever witnessed the setting up of a solar park? Modern technologies also allow us this since in Germany four webcams will allow us to follow, step by step, the work of the solar park from Aachen.

The preparation of the solar park it is taking place on the northern slope near the German city of Aachen, in the middle of a sand and gravel quarry. At the end of the works, the solar park it will cover an area of ​​approximately 75,000 square meters which is equivalent to more than 10 football changes! There solar power plant it will be managed by EWV, a new business created by the owners of the gravel pit in collaboration with the region's gas and water supplier.

The Aachen solar park, will be able to meet the energy needs of about 3,000 families, let's see the numbers of the company:
12 million euros, the initial investment
44,000 total photovoltaic modules
75,000 square meters of floor space
10 MW of power
5 webcams

Five webcams? Yes, the progress of the project will be able to be watched in live streaming video with four different shots. This morning there was turmoil in the construction site, workers continue to enter and leave their base. It is possible to see trucks, excavators and other equipment at work. The opening ceremony will take place on June 29th. L'solar power grows fast and the program of the solar park of the EWV also provides an epilogue:

there solar power plant it will end its life cycle in 30 years, when it will be dismantled and ready for recycling while the gravel and sand quarry will be filled with soil for the renaturalization of the soil that will be ready for new activities.

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