Indoor mobility with Uni-Club Honda

Indoor mobility with Uni-Club Honda

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Just shift your weight slightly to choose the direction to go and also how fast to proceed. It looks like a new Wii game instead it is the driving mode of theUni-Club, the unicycle presented byHonda.

How many of you have seen Wall-E? Animation film Pixar that shows a future where the evolution of the species sees humans without the need for lower limb musculature? In the future shown by Pixar, human beings are too lazy to walk on their own legs, so they always move with special vehicles, even to go from one room to another!


The Wall-E movie isn't all that science fiction when you consider that such vehicles come from the Honda company. Let's talk aboutUni-Club, unicycles designed for travel indoor, office, home… they can be used anywhere. It is the first ecological vehicle omnidirectional.

Omnidirectional means it can go in any direction. But how do you drive such a vehicle? Simply by shifting the weight of our body in one direction, so as to suggest to theUni-Club Honda which "Street" run across. It is not a unicycle designed to run around the streets of Tokyo or Rome, but a clean and silent vehicle, designed to move in open space like those in a conference building!

Uni-Club Honda it has a top speed of 6 km / h, which is exactly the same speed as a man when walking briskly. It's a "people mover " which has a control panel that allows the "pilot" to calculate speed and direction based on the imbalance of his body. If the rider's torso leans slightly to the right, the unicycle will take that direction at a slow speed, but if the slope is more pronounced, then the unicycle will increase its speed. The project was attended by former Japanese NASA astronaut Mamory Mori.

In the presentation video, the Honda unicycle is used by young people in career, let's say that the target ofUni-Club it's not exactly that. Human beings are not so lazy to buy such a vehicle, but theUni-Club it could change the lives of many people, just think of the elderly or the disabled who move with difficulty, at least so they report newspapers from the caliber of the Republic. For us of it is difficult to imagine an elderly person or a disabled person balancing on such a device, much less a pregnant woman!


At the moment theUni-Club is just a prototype, Honda has stated that the final tests will begin in June. The price could be around 7,400 euros, but for now there are no official statements about it.

by Anna De Simone, on twitter @annadesimone

Video: Reinventing International Student Mobility: Panel discussion (July 2022).


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