The bicycles that replace the train

A new one arrives bicycle lane and goes to replace the tracks of what used to be the Railway "Vicenza - Noventa - Montagnana". The track makes room for 30 kilometers through 11 Venetian municipalities. The track, active from 20 May, arouses a strong historical-environmental and landscape interest, is perfect for visits, excursions or more practically, to connect the numerous Venetian municipalities on the pedals.

There bicycle lane inaugurated on May 20 will be just a first step, the ultimate goal is to completely reconvert the former Treviso-Ostiglia railway so as to reuse the disused railway grounds for cyclists. The track was strongly desired by the FIAB, comments the president Antonio Dalla Venezia:

We are extremely satisfied. FIAB has been waiting for a long time for this new cycle infrastructure built on the site of what was once the Vicenza-Noventa-Montagnana railway. We followed and supported this project that we identified and reported in the volume "from Rails to bikes"

The municipalities involved in the intervention are those of Vicenza, Longare, Castegnero (leading municipality for the construction of the work), Nanto, Mossano, Barbarano, Villaga, Sossano, Agugliaro, Campiglia dei Berici and Noventa Vicentina. There bicycle lane it can be defined as having a high historical-environmental and landscape value because as you walk along it you have a wide view of the Berici Mountains, the Euganean Mountains and, on clear days, even the Pre-Alps.

You can enjoy the view of Palladio's historic villa "Goat Valmarana "," the Rotonda " and for long stretches along canals and ditches where it is possible to admire wildlife and the typical vegetation of the Po valley. There Riviera Berica cycle path it can be considered the most beautiful track in Veneto because it crosses the open countryside, between nature and vineyards, unties at the foot of the hills and meets hydraulic engineering works that testify to continuous human evolution.

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