How to become a herbalist

Creating alternatives to traditional medicine by offering natural methods is the prerogative of the herbalist. Become an herbalist it can be the dream of those who believe in the possibility of finding well-being through natural remedies. But how to become a herbalist?

We live in a society that needs well-being and relaxation. There are more and more wellness centers and professional figures who aim to offer alternative remedies to conventional medicine are also growing. We have seen it with the Naturopath and today we see it with theherbalist.

How to become a herbalist. Training
L'herbalist is a figure who was trained at the university level, earning a three-year degree in Herbal techniquesand or a specialist degree in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy or Agriculture.

The Degree in Herbal Technologies offers a wide range of biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and technological subjects, supplemented by biomedical disciplines.

Once graduated, theherbalist will be able to take care of the preparation of concoctions of plants for curative or even cosmetic purposes, in addition to the sale of other products of important herbal institutes, also consisting of tablets, creams or syrups.

L'herbalist will be able to work independently, opening his own herbalist's shop or working in companies or institutes that produce natural products intended for trade for third parties.

Become an herbalist. How to open a herbalist's shop
Opening a herbalist shop involves very limited investments. You don't need staff. To start the business, you must contact the Commerce Office of the Municipality where you intend to start the business. The following are necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčopening of the VAT number, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, registration in the business register.

How to open a herbalist's shop without qualification
Who opens aherbal medicine without a specific qualification will have to limit himself to marketing goods already produced and packaged by third parties. In this case, it will not be possible to sell loose vegetable products and it will not be possible to make preparations upon customer request. The shop will be just a simple resale.

How to become a herbalist. The franchesing
A valid option may be the franchise formula: in this case the initial investment is generally higher but there is continuous assistance both during the start-up phase of the business and during its management. It will have free advertising and an already known brand.

The only forms of aggregation of herbalists are the trade unions ofFederation of Italian Herbalists(Confcommercio) andNational Herbalists Union (Confesercenti). These associations represent the operators of the sector and are committed to the legal and trade union protection of their members.

Opening a shop is always risky, but a serious herbalist shop that is attentive to customer needs, offering unique products, can be a good investment.

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