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Do you want open a website? Then you have the opportunity to offer an excellent service linked to respect for Nature. As? Try to choose a eco-hosting! The eco-hosting offer users a web service that minimizes the environmental impact of the portal to be set up.

The web hosts, to ensure a reliable and constant service, need to use a lot of energy and the concept of "green web hostingit is a real breath of fresh air in the world of the web and the environment. Typically, a eco-hosting attempts to offset the carbon dioxide emissions it releases into the environment.

The company that provides a service of web hosting, may decide to invest in energy sources renewable and apply policies with high energy standards. Also, for their facilities, they can integrate solar panels, run recycling policies, and use low-cost infrastructure environmental impact. The company could also compensate by acting directly on the environment, for example, through reforestation, by planting trees.

As is clear, the principle behind a eco-host is trying to satisfy the customer with the least amount of harmful emissions so as to do something good for the planet. Between green web hosting we find, which manages to offer services at affordable prices and help the environment: for every customer, the company is committed to planting a tree. Currently, thanks to the efforts of and its customers, the Alladale Reserve in Scotland is sustained.

Another UK company,, offers packages of web hosting which are 100% "carbon neutral ". The company calculates the carbon dioxide emissions produced due to their servers which are operational 24 / 24h, 7/7 days. Knowing their ecological footprint, they compensate by planting trees in Nottinghamshire's Ransomwood Business Park. The company wants to become a company "positive carbon ", that is, it wants to be able to reduce more harmful emissions than it produces, a goal that has now been achieved: to date it has planted 300 English oak trees that are able to absorb three times the amount of carbon produced by their servers. This quantity is destined to increase because the trees, as they grow, will also increase their absorbency.

Is the solution to plant trees? Not only! Other companies are pointing to renewable, between these iPage, a company of web hosting powered 100% bywind energy. To stand out in the world of web green hosting is also the group. In short, the solutions are numerous, only the embarrassment of choice remains. Which eco-hosting will i use?

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