X-9 Nighthawk, the ninja bike

X-9 Nighthawk, the ninja bike

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We renamed it the ninja bike, because it is agile, very light, versatile and ... Invisible! There bicycle in question is the X-9 Nightawk it was made entirely in a lightweight carbon fiber and for this reason it weighs just over a kilogram. It is totally black, elegant and signed BME. But wait, did I say invisible?

That's right, the light bicycle made by Track Meres Engineering & Design it is invisible to radar! I don't know what this feature can be useful for but that's it, the bicycle it cannot be detected by radar equipment. This peculiarity is visible to the naked eye because the look of the bicycle X-9 Nightawk it is very reminiscent of the radar-invisible planes shown in action films.


There bicycle X-9 Nightawk was designed by the designer Braňo Mereš but it is not only a jewel in aesthetics but also in engineering! This is demonstrated by its particular characteristics, from the carbon fiber structure to its invisibility to radar.

The entire frame weighs only 1.3 kg and is particularly resistant, especially to the annoying vibrations that bother the cyclist. There bicycle X9 brings an entire line of military strategies to two wheels.

Carbon fiber is not the only ultralight material that makes up the X9, in fact, this is flanked by Aramid, a fiber of artificial origin that is not in common use at all!

Aramid is a man-made synthetic material used for making bulletproof vests. That's why it's so shock resistant but flexible and ultra light at the same time!

The frame is honeycomb, ensuring maximum strength. The wheels are also high profile, equipped with disc brakes. There bicycle X9 will be present at the Berlin Fahrradschau 2012 conference, together with other prototypes of “extreme” bicycles.


Video: H2 Ninja vs Hayabusa - motorcycles drag racing (July 2022).


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