Wind energy for water production

The earth provides us with the wind, we give it back water". The water crisis is a phenomenon that must be countered by implementing policies for the protection, supply and saving of water. L'drinking water it is a precious asset and that is why it must be preserved or even created! It happens in the regions of Abu Dhabi where some wind turbines they produce drinking water destined to quench the thirst of arid desert areas.

How to bring water to arid areas? Producing it with wind turbines. This is the response of the energy company Eole Water, which has already successfully pioneered its technology by carrying out tests in the arid regions of Abu Dhabi. The use of wind turbines to purify the water in the desert.

The operating scheme of these particular systems is rather simple. The system helps to condense water from the air. The water, thus collected, is then pumped into storage tanks to perform a first filtering and, finally, is purified.

The operation is similar to that of an air conditioner, the wind turbines have a capacity of 30kW, enough to make the system water purification, a self-sufficient mechanism. A sort of dehumidifier capable of generating drinking water.

How does the water purifier wind power?
The external air enters the turbine through particular slits. Here the air is heated by an internal generator that will transform it into steam. The vapor will then be passed through a high pressure compressor which will generate moisture. The moisture will be condensed in the form of water ready to be purified.

What interests us most are not these technicalities but the positive impact that these plants will have on the environment: around 500-800 liters of clean water can be produced daily. This estimate was made by calculating a minimum wind speed of 15 miles per hour.

Video: mr. Madhu developing wind turbine that produces electricity and drinking water. ISM TV exclusive (January 2022).