Current Cost, no more energy waste

Current Cost, no more energy waste

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We know how much our car consumes for kilometers traveled. But how much does our home consume in energy terms? To ensure savings in electricity, we need to know our appliances and our habits well. We can use an inexpensive and effective tool that, by connecting to the meter, does everything for us.

Theenergy saving and the reduction of consumption are the objectives that we have been setting ourselves in recent years due to the high bill.
Energy wastes are the ones that cause more anger and that make you spend the most. We often leave lights on, turn on the oven simply to heat a slice of bread, leave the PC on, etc. Waste is neither admitted nor justified.

We are bombarded with many sites advising us on how to reduce energy consumption, but they will always be useless if you do not actually know how much you spend: among other things, it is almost impossible for us to understand the data in the bill. There is a device that displays household consumption and consequent unnecessary loss of money in real time: the current cost. Through a display this easy-to-read instrument monitors all household energy consumption.

How does it work Current Cost.
Just connect a special plug to the main meter of the house. Through a wireless connection, the plug will synchronize with the monitor which has the task of translating the data sent by the meter into numbers. Thanks to the very large display it will be easy to view all levels of consumption. It is available in gray or black.

What it displays on the main screen.

Current consumption: how many Watts are being used at that particular moment. Just turn the light on or off to notice the difference in consumption. TV LEDs seem harmless but turning them off is really profitable.

Cost per day: by putting your energy rate in the device settings, the display will show the energy consumption in Euros.

Plus: it is a signal that shows the last power up of a device. Thanks to this item it is possible to see how some electronic devices can tangibly affect the bill.

The daily graph: analyzes the energy trend during the morning, afternoon and evening

The "7 days" graph: displays the energy consumed during the last week. It could be a real challenge to be able to reduce electricity use every week in order to beat the previous figure every week by setting weekly records.

Date / time and ambient temperature graph.

Current Cost it also has the ability to customize 9 pages: by connecting plugs to individual appliances, it is possible to monitor each individual appliance on a page. The data can be sent to your PC.

The device costs € 69.50: it can be amortized in less than a year and in addition it is possible to reduce costs in the bill by 10%. A concrete way to make us aware of consumption and lead us to change our habits, thus saving many euros on the house bill.

A more "complete" version includes the optical reader OptiSmart, it reads the counter pulses and offers 100% accuracy. The device with optical reader can calculate the consumption of electricity but also of water and gas. This version has a cost of € 79.50.

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