Birò, the electric of the city center

Birò, the electric of the city center

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Birò is the first Urban Electric Vehicle that combines the practicality of the scooter with the comforts of four wheels. The Birò is ready to cover you in the winter and discover you in the summer, with a detachable door system and sunroof. This is just one of the advantages of Birò: those who drive in Milan save 15 euros a day!

Classified as Urban Electric Vehicle, Birò, is packed with comfort in the full optional version with radio, storage compartments, rear luggage rack, doors that can be mounted for the winter, roof and rear window that can be opened, anti-fog system and other amenities. The vehicle is two-seater and takes up little space with only 103 centimeters in width!


It is extremely quiet and safe, with four wheels and four respective disc brakes, 4 kW of power and zero emissions! Among the possibilities granted with Birò, there is an addition of power with the "boost" command that allows you to reach a top speed of 45 km / h in 10.5 seconds. To fill up, you don't need a service area, just a 12V power socket.

It is available in 11 different colors, it is ecological and economical because it allows you to save up to 15 euros per day. How? Fuel saving because it is a electric vehicle, ticket savings because with Birò you can enter the AREA C of Milan for free, saving on the cost of parking because it is a practical, comfortable but compact four-wheeled vehicle that can be parked anywhere, just like a scooter.

Savings are also guaranteed for whom electric vehicle does not need to pay any ticket for urban transit: Birò allows you to travel up to 70 km with less than one euro considering the current electricity prices which cost 20 € / cent. per kWh.

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