Expo, brings agriculture to school

Expo, brings agriculture to school

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Young people need to learn how to cultivate and "to recognize a cabbage from a broccoli”The project starts in Milanese schools but it is a positive model to be exported throughout Italy. The initiative is called "I cultivate myself“, Starts from an agreement between Expo2015 and Riccardo Catella Foundation and will bring the garden to school.

The project aims to promote healthy eating through the experience of educational gardens. The first didactic garden will start in Milan in the comprehensive schools Renzo Pezzani and Italo Calvino. The educational program is not aimed only at pupils, the schoolyards will be transformed into vegetable gardens where children can learn the ABCs of cultivation together with their families and the entire neighborhood.

The sowing of school gardens organized by Expo expects to spread throughout the country by 2015. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn how to grow a vegetable garden but also to eat well. Thanks to the agreement signed between Expo2015 and the RIccardo Catella Foundation, more and more companies are involved in the theme ofExpo2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

To the project "I grow myself " The non-profit association "MixMilano" will also take part, which, for the occasion, will offer over 20 dissemination professionals with the role of extending attention to the theme of integration. Integration through power is not new to theExpo2015 which thus incorporates multi-ethnic realities. In the initiative I cultivate myself light will be shed on plants and recipes from all over the world so as to make thedidactic garden a multicultural reality.

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