Wind, the hand of the Camorra in the green economy

According to investigations concluded by the competent authorities, the Camorra is aiming at green economy and is doing so through thewind energy. Under investigation some projects in Campania, Molise and Sardinia.

The court of Santa Maria is investigating some projects of a company employed in the renewable energies and in purification plants; the company is under seizure. According to the court of Santa Maria, it would be a company closely related to the Casalesi clan. The company intended to do business with thewind energy, exploiting public funds but without benefits for the territory: only a fair amount for the occupation of the land.

If they weren't managed by the camora, the waste could bring thousands of jobs. Today the Monti government is struggling to guarantee a certain employment and to do so the management of various sectors should be removed from the Camorra. With the green economy the risk is the opposite: the Camorra continues to spread and does so through thewind energy. The intervention of the authorities in the Campania region was effective.

The plan of the mafia activity was very simple: exploit a company that exists only on paper, to grab public funds and build a wind farm in the Casertavecchia area. Among the names of the suspects there are characters implicated several times in the criminal economy of Campania. The company, which is currently under arrest, had escaped past investigations until documents were found during a search conducted by local authorities.

It was this search that shed light on the whole matter. There green economy it is a thriving sector and represents a delicious dish for mafia activities. According to the court of Santa Maria, the company was born for this very reason: it was founded on May 31, 2011 with a share capital of 10,000 euros - the minimum limit for a limited liability company - is interested in "strategic" sectors linked precisely to green economy: purification plants ed renewable energies.

This is a clear advance: the mafia, just like real entrepreneurs, intends to exploit the sector of green economy but without investing in it, rather by putting their hands on the public funds allocated by the various bodies. The seized company, in recent months, would have supplied purification plants to fictitious companies but the most profitable activity was still in the planning phase: the preparation of a wind farm in the center of Casertavecchia. Activities that the Campania Region continues to finance.

A few days ago, the Campania Region should have approved a law plan on chestnut cultivation that would have blocked funds for wind farms. Law that was not approved so as to perpetuate the funding for the mafia project. The investigations carried out in the Campania region have opened a glimpse of some suspicious activities connected to the Camorra, both in Sardinia and in Molise. There Green Economy it is a new sector that is teeming with public and private investments, it will be hard to oust the mafia from such activities. Photovoltaics are also at risk.

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