In Turin, the first smart phone booth

In Turin, the first smart phone booth

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Who said the telephone booths are they destined to disappear? Video camera, touch screen display, solar energy but also public administrations. This is the smart cabin installed in Turin, the next one will be built in Catania and then gradually throughout Italy.

Dear and old phone box goodbye, from today we will talk about "Cabin of the future". 60 years after its first appearance in Italy, the public telephone is also evolving and becoming “intelligent”. By 2016, the telecommunications authority authorized Telecom to eradicate the old ones telephone booths one by one in favor of more innovative cabins.

Not all telephone booths will be replaced. Many will remain in operation but a good part will be converted into something futuristic. A revolutionary phone box made its debut: it is a particular station risen from the ashes of historic telephone booths, but in a completely “green hi-tech” key.

The prototype in question was developed by Telecom Italia in partnership with Ubi Connected, and was installed for the first time in Turin in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi in front of the Polytechnic of Turin. Strategic choice as Telecom collaborates with the Municipality for the implementation of the Smart Cities project "sustainability as a unit of measurement of the choices of the next ten years" promoted by the European Union.

How does it work? Works with coins and credit card.

The new telephone booths, in addition to allowing calls, they are equipped with a touch screen display to access information and public utility services, tourism, mobility, commerce, but also free time as social networking and online services for the students of the Politecnico di Torino.

Other technologies?
There phone box it is equipped with a video surveillance camera that can be connected to the control room of the Municipal Police that records everything that happens around it.
An electronic device that monitors air quality in real time.
It has a display where news will be displayed so as to constantly update passersby on the latest news information.
Another function, developed by PromoHere that allows with a single click, to be able to access commercial offers up to a radius of five kilometers.

In addition to being extremely innovative, it is also ecological. Adjacent to the cabin there are some details "small columns”, Through which citizens will be able to recharge the batteries of their electric vehicles. The new hi-tech cabin is equipped with a photovoltaic panel which contributes to the energy needs of the station.

The new urban infrastructure was built thinking of the individual needs of the Municipalities that will be able to load services and applications based on specific local needs, thus creating a strong link between the territory and the world of the network.
The "baptism" of the Turin Intelligent Cabin it was only the first step towards the installation of new similar stations also in other parts of Italy: the next will be installed in Catania.

After the booths it is possible that other urban objects in common use such as fountains, benches, bins, building facades, kiosks become new tools in harmony with technology, design and eco-sustainability. There phone box intelligent of Telecom is an important step towards the model of Smart City.

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