Where to recharge the electric car?

Where to recharge the electric car?

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Where to recharge the electric car? Your smartphone tells you! The electric cars they are also timidly spreading in Italy, but first there is a need for an increase in the electric columns intended to supply the batteries that power these vehicles. Who wants to buy a electric car and always be updated on the position of the charging column closest, has at its disposal smartphone applications.

These are free applications that in addition to reporting the presence of charging column closest, they also calculate the autonomy of their own battery electric car. On the Italian App Store there are several applications of this kind and it is expected that more and more will be developed refined.

We currently report the presence of Enel Drive. A utility developed by Enel SpA itself. Among the gems of the application is the signaling of charging column nearest that automatically can set the GPS to calculate the shortest route to reach the charging station.

The application will also notify you if the system is used by another car or if it is free. Enel Drive remotely calculates the battery life by giving adequate feedback to the user. To access the recharging service of the dispensing system, the motorist must have subscribed to a subscription.

An alternative to Enel Drive is given byapplication iPhev, developed by Mitric SRL. iPhev, in addition to finding the nearest column thanks to the same geolocation system, it also allows you to receive news on the world of electric mobility with updates about the new releases .. The application is also present on Facebook and Twitter, so the user can share his favorite content with his friends. Each user can report the presence of a new one charging column simply photographing it and allowing the detection of data from GPS. Just like Enel Drive it is a Free App.


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