The grapefruit diet

The grapefruit diet

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Unnecessary fat is terrible and reduce the waistline it is the dream of many, especially in view of the summer where swimwear fails to mask anything! For reduce the waistline and get a drier physical shape, industry experts recommend the grapefruit diet.

The study was developed by researchers from the University of Arizona who highlighted some correlations between the consumption of pompelo and loss of body fat. In particular, the University of Arizona team studied the positive effects that the grapefruit on blood pressure and fat burning.

Care must be taken not to abuse too much of grapefruits, in fact, that of grapefruit is not a real low-calorie diet, it is rather a good dietary habit to introduce into our daily lifestyle. According to American research, eating grapefruit several times a week would help reduce the waistline.

The researchers involved two groups of patients, the first group ate pink grapefruit three times a day and the second group was not given any grapefruit. The first group, the one that abounded with the consumption of pink grapefruit, gave promising results! The analysis concluded that the consumption of pink grapefruit it helps to reduce the waistline even if it does not involve a concrete weight loss but only with a reduction in the waist circumference.

The characteristics of the grapefruit induce a modest weight loss, rather they manifest themselves with a net reduction of waist circumference. Not only slimmer waistlines, grapefruit has excellent properties and acts against hypertension. Older research has shown that diabetes can be counteracted with the consumption of grapefruit. The reason for these beneficial properties? They are due to two subgroups of flavonoids, known as hesperetin and naringenin. Effective to prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

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