Thermal insulation on smartphone

The world of sustainability is landing more and more strongly on smartphone. This time it is an application at the service of professionals of theenergy efficiency. Is called Rockwool App is analyzes thethermal insulation domestic in all its facets.

His motto is "be green, be smart, be rockwool ". The application is available for iPhone OS and for all devices based on Android. With Rockwool it is possible to create a stratigraphy of the structure to be analyzed, in other words, optimized walls, roofs and floors in the fist of the hand with one smartphone.

You can also use one of the forty already loaded and obtain the immediate calculation of the transmittance, attenuation, thermal phase shift and all that concurs its isolation.

The application allows you to accurately measure the degree of thermal insulation of one's home, in fact it is equipped with a database for calculation. The database contains all the building materials required by law, plus it can also be enriched with the inclusion of customized layers.

At the end of the calculation, Rockwool will give you feedback on the analysis. The analysis report will contain details on the layers, images, legal checks and technical data sheets of the product used. the feedback can be sent by e-mail to your dealer or to specialists in the sector asking for any suggestions for improvement.

The materials in the App are those of Rockwool and after calculating your thermal insulation it will be possible to identify products based on what you need: roofing, walls, floors ... The application also includes advice on labor and in the "News"It will be possible to view all the latest news on products, news related toenergy efficiency buildings and finally, the Rockwool initiatives.

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