Solar panels for mobile devices

Solar panels for mobile devices

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Smartphones and tablets are among the portable devices most popular. There are those who use them for leisure and those for work but because of their "mobile" particularity, they are mainly used outside the home, where there is no possibility of recharge the battery. In this regard, the American company Pixel Qi, is designing monitors and displays that integrate a photovoltaic matrix. The displays assembled in this way can be sold to big brands such as RIM, famous for its BlackBerry andApple, leader of the mobile sector with its iPad, iPod and iPhone. The devices that will integrate the panels designed by Pixel Qi will be able to recharge at any time by taking advantage of the sun exposure. According to the latest press releases of the American company, Pixel Qi would have developed a system to power tablets completely with the sun using a device with a capacity of 1W, this capacity may seem small but it would be able to power a computer monitor and its motherboard!

The most interesting thing is that the technology developed by Pixel Qi is not too expensive. There photovoltaic matrix to be integrated with the displays of tablets and smartphones, it would have a production cost of about 3 dollars. The system developed by the American ecological company has a capacity that could guarantee autonomy to your device for days or even weeks without any need to connect it to the classic power panels. The device developed by Pixel Qi it could also be integrated with tablet covers, but there is no news about this event, the only certainty is that solar will soon enhance the effectiveness of the mobile sector, be it telephony or other.

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