Environmental science degree and the job lies!

Environmental science degree and the job lies!

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An interesting research has just been published by Isfol (Institute for Professional Training of Workers) according to which three-year graduates in Environmental Sciences they find a job in 43.5% of cases, after only one year from graduation. This percentage rises to 53.7% three years after graduation.

Even more interesting is the fact that the job found is already classifiable as “stable” and in line with the studies followed, thus ensuring a high level of satisfaction even if the salary is not always in line with expectations.

Among the graduates in Environmental Sciences women are the most prepared from the point of view of the graduation grade obtained, even if job opportunities in the sector are lower.

The study of Environmental Sciences concerns pollution and environmental degradation phenomena related to human activities and their impact on biodiversity and sustainability.

The main disciplines taught in the course of Degree in Environmental Sciences I'm:
- atmospheric science;
- ecology;
- agrarian;
- environmental chemistry;
- Earth Science;
- Engineering for the environment and the territory.

In Italy, some of the faculties that offer a degree course in environmental sciences are:

- Ravenna campus of the University of Bologna

- Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Urbino

- Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa

- Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the La Sapienza University of Rome

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