Deworming dog and cat

Deworming dog and cat

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Deworm dog and cat is not a mere waste of time nor a precaution from a prudent and hypochondriac owner, it is an important operation for the health of our pet and also of the other members of our family, including us. It may happen that our dog or our cat, in the garden and especially on a walk, sniff around taking them and without our knowledge worm eggs. Then they will end up having to be Dewormed!

There are also important preventive actions, the first is to understand from their behavior and the type of infection, how best to proceed. In any case, the duty of deworming dog and cat it is a task to be carried out several times a year.

Deworming: products

On the market we now find modern medicines for deworming which in general do not cause discomfort to either dogs or cats and are easy to find. They can be tablets, pastes, spot-ons or injections. For protect the gastrointestinal health of our animals we can get this Aloe Vera gel on Amazon for less than 10 euros which, in addition to fighting parasites and worms, helps digestion, counteracts vomiting and treats irritable colon.

For deworming cats and dogs you can also use 100% natural "pipettes" with pesticides that counteract the presence of fleas and ticks. One pack from 3 pipettes on Amazon costs 15 euros.

Deworming dog

Don't think that, since we have the dog on a leash, or even almost always at home, deworming is not a necessary operation. Better safe than sorry, in this as in many cases, and even the most shy dogs love it smell where they shouldn't.

It may also happen that puppies are born already infected or become infected in the first days of life due to breast milk, for this reason from the first month of life onwards it is better to be dewormed every 2 weeks until the end of the feeding phase. It would be even better, in the presence of a pregnant dog, deworming her already, to give birth to healthy puppies.

In other words, this means carrying out those health practices that have now become mandatory to safeguard the health of your furry dog. So in addition to vaccines, one of the mandatory practices that can ensure a healthy growth of the dog is definitely deworming.

Deworm is in effect a necessary passage as much as vaccines, as soon as a puppy, or even a new dog, arrives in our arms.

Deworming dog: cost

As anticipated by recommending the products, the cost of deworming can range from 12 to 25 euros, depends on the doses and the type of drug we choose, it is better to consult your veterinarian who can also suggest when and how to deworm an adult dog. In general it is one recommended practice before pregnancy and after breastfeeding, for females.

Other extra-drug tips, which can keep us from deworming the dog more frequently than necessary, relate for example to the cooking of the meal, very accurate, and the regular washing of bowls. We absolutely avoid that our friend eat the remains of dead animals.

Deworming cat

Even more than dogs, i cats wander independent and curious, if we do not keep them locked in the house, and they certainly do not come to inform us about what they have smelled and licked. So here is that deworming cats is very important: at least once a year if domestic, otherwise at least four times a year.

Deworming cat: cost

Products for deworming that we find on the market are often suitable for both dogs and cats and the price remains reasonable: from 12 to 25 euros. In addition to their composition, it is also necessary to inquire about the type of worm that our cat has, in order to choose the best product, or the one that acts against all worms.

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