Frutti Antichi: the festival of unforgettable plants and flowers

Frutti Antichi: the festival of unforgettable plants and flowers

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Ancient Fruits, on 4 and 5 October 2014 at the Paderna Castle (Piacenza), is a meeting point on flora not to be forgotten, for experts, and an opportunity to finally get to know it for the less experienced. Large and curious spaces for children too, he assures Claudia Marchionni which organizes the event also promoted by the FAI.

1) When does your review of Ancient Fruits take place and what is it about?
Ancient Fruits always takes place on the first weekend of October, this year on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5. It is a market exhibition of plants, flowers, ancient fruits, therefore often forgotten, but deals with everything related to the land, agricultural traditions, gardening and life in the countryside.

2) How many years has Ancient Fruits been taking place and who are the subjects involved?
This year will be our nineteenth edition; the event is the result of the collaboration between the FAI Delegation of Piacenza and the owners of the Paderna Castle in whose spaces it is located Ancient Fruits.

3) What are the main missions of the initiative?
Ancient Fruits arises from the belief that it is necessary to save plant biodiversity. This is why it provides a space where farmers, nurserymen and researchers can meet creating synergies. It is important to arouse interest on the topic also in a wider audience: for this reasonAncient Fruits the formula of the "market exhibition" was chosen, which allows educational activity through direct contact with the plants and products of the earth, which can be seen, tasted and bought. It is a discussion that was later extended by Ancient Fruits also to crafts.

4) What are the main events of Frutti Antichi for green lovers?
The program is being defined but a constant of Ancient Fruits is the presence of associations and university institutes with pomological and potato exhibitions, the exchange of seeds with A.Di.P.A. and Kokopelli, the orchid cultivation course at home by Giancarlo Pozzi. This year a Ancient Fruits we will also have an exhibition of citrus plants.

5) And for families with children?
Children have always been our most important guests a Ancient Fruits: a space is reserved for them with specialized operators with traditional games and educational activities.

6) Are there any particular novelties in this nineteenth edition of Frutti Antichi?
We will have even more varieties of fruit, plants, a photographic exhibition dedicated to butterflies. TO Ancient Fruits this time there will be some artistic surprise, but we don't want to spoil the surprise.

7) In addition to the two “classic” days of Frutti Antichi, are you planning interventions in the area with similar intentions?
It would be nice, sometimes we talk about it, but the realization of Ancient Fruits it is so demanding that it absorbs us all year round.

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