Garmin 735XT: review

Garmin 735XT: review

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The Garmin 735xt is a sport watch designed for those who practice triathlon or are fond of multisports.

I tried Garmin 735xt for a few weeks, mainly for running is I swim, a little less for the bicycle.

First of all it must be said that the Garmin 735xt is the evolution of Garmin 920xt from which it differs above all for the introduction of the wrist heart rate sensor.

A very useful improvement, although, as we will see, some slightly more particular functions still require the heart rate monitor.

Garmin 735xt: Design

The Garmin 735xt it has a sober and elegant design that makes it suitable to be worn every day and not just in training.

The round shape definitely stands out from the square style of its predecessor 920xt, the weight is almost halved and the materials give an impression of solidity and comfort at the same time.

The strap is soft and comfortable, more comfortable than other Garmins I have been able to use.

Garmin 735xt: Display

The display is large enough and well readable.

This model from Garmin also introduces the lighting function with the rotation of the wrist.

On paper very convenient but actually not quite immediate.

In fact, when you turn your wrist, it takes a second or two for the display to light up which, while running, is not very comfortable.

Garmin 735xt: Triathlon mode

Clearly the Garmin 735xt it can track running, biking and swimming activities but what's really interesting is that, in triathlon mode, the activities are tracked together, without having to stop to switch from one to the other.

The transition is done by pressing the lap button, which means that you cannot manually record the laps. This is actually not a big problem because you just need to set the autolap function.

The biggest problem is that, if you accidentally click the lap button (which can happen quite easily in the water), the Garmin goes to the next activity and you can't go back. To avoid this situation, the button lock function that can be set at any time during the activity helps us.

Garmin 735xt: Running

The measurements made during the ride, both in terms of pace and km traveled, seem enough precise. Compared to other GPS I have used, the one that struck me is the reactivity in adapting to the change of pace.

If you do a 4-2-1 workout in which you do 4 minutes of light running, two of medium pace running and one of fast pace running, the Garmin 735xt will immediately notice the difference in pace.

The functions of running are many and listing them all would be too long so I summarize the ones I found most useful.

First of all the possibility of set up custom workouts.

All sports watches allow you to measure a continuous run and set the repetitions directly from the clock; in this case, typically, a warm-up is defined, the work time of each repetition, the respective rest time and the cool-down.

If, on the other hand, you want to set up more complex workouts, such as the 4-2-1 I mentioned earlier, we have the possibility to do it from your Garmin Connect account on the Garmin website.

The training is set up on the site through an interface that is all in all quite comfortable, after which theApp Connect on the smartphone it "reads" the training set on the site and uploads it to the watch through synchronization.

Complicated? More difficult said than done. In reality in a few minutes you can get a customized training on the Garmin 735xt without too much difficulty.

Another very interesting function is the one that provides data relating to the running cadence, understood as the number of steps per minute.

According to Garmin, more experienced runners tend to have a higher cadence and,target should be to carry about 180 steps per minute.

After training, this information is shown in the graph both on the app and on the site through a series of different colored dots arranged on the horizontal axis.

The pellets give an immediate idea of ​​how one kept pace during training.

In fact, I verified that, keeping a slower pace, my cadence was reported with orange dots arranged at the bottom of the graph. When, during training, I increased the pace by increasing the frequency and slightly shortening the stride, the dots turned green and were arranged upwards, indicating that I had approached the average cadence proposed by Garmin.

From a personal point of view, during this second phase, I was running better, with a more elastic and fluid pace than the first part.

The cadence graph of my test run shown by the Garmin 735xt

That said, the information that the Garmin 735xt is able to collect are really a lot and allow those who want and need to do a very in-depth analysis of their workouts.

Beware though, many of these data are only collected using one compatible heart rate monitor as the HRM-Run proposed by Garmin. Some examples in this regard are stride length, average time in contact with the ground, VO2 max and anaerobic threshold.

For what concern wrist heart rate sensor, this is based on the green led light that is emitted by the diode.

The advice is to keep the watch rather tightly around the wrist, in order to avoid light infiltrations that could decrease the accuracy of the measurement.

The Garmin 735xt heart rate sensor

Garmin 735xt: Swimming

The Garmin 735xt it can be used for both tank and sea training. In the latter case, the function to be used is that of "open water swimming”.

During training in the pool (indoors), the GPS is disabled but the clock can easily calculate the number of laps performed. Before starting, you just need to set the length of the pool you are training in.

During swimming, the heart rate sensor on the wrist is disabled because it does not work properly due to the water. If you want to capture heart rate data, you need to have a compatible heart rate monitor.

The Garmin 735xt screen dedicated to swimming

Garmin 735xt: Cycling

The Garmin 735xt offers all the functions to monitor your workouts in bicycle.

It should be noted that, in this model, the altitude sensor is no longer barometric but is based on GPS coordinates, which can make the calculation of the altitude a little less precise.

Garmin 735xt: Smart Features

The Garmin 735xt connects to your phone via bluetooth and can be used with a variety of smart features.

The notifications that appear on your mobile phone display are also instantly reported on the watch display. At first it seems completely superfluous but you get used to it quickly and then it becomes difficult to do without it.

Another very convenient function is the vibration on the wrist for both notifications and calls, which allows you to exclude the cell phone ringtone but to easily notice an incoming call.

Personally, if I insert the vibracall on the phone and put it in my pocket, I often don't hear it.

In addition to this the Garmin 735xt offers a number of widget.

Viewing a notification on the Garmin 735xt

Garmin 735xt: Widget

But what is a widget? Widgets are mini applications that provide information or allow you to interact with the clock.

The Garmin 735xt comes with a number of preset widgets but you can download many more from Connect IQ.

Some examples?

From the main screen of my watch you can access in sequence:

  • widget that indicates the current heart rate and displays the graph of the frequency trend detected during the day
  • widget that displays the last activity performed (typically running, swimming or cycling)
  • widget that indicates the number of steps taken during the day
  • widget that indicates the appointments of the day (taken from the smartphone calendar)
  • widget indicating time and temperature
  • command widget that allows, among other things, to activate the "find the phone" function (highly appreciated by me who always leave it around)

Garmin 735xt: Live track

The live track is a feature offered by Garmin that allows you to share an activity in real time.

It works like this: you start from the app and choose one or more email addresses of the people with whom we want to share our race (or training).
Also on the app, select "automatic start".

When we start the activity on the Garmin 735xt, the app automatically sends an email to the contacts we had previously selected.

The contact receives the email with a message such as "click here to follow the race in real time".

By clicking on the button, you are redirected to a web page that is constantly updated throughout the period in which you run / swim / pedal.

A very interesting function especially if you have important matches and you want your friends or your coach to follow you live.

But ... there are buts ... everything works if the Garmin 735xt is connected to the phone in bluetooth and if the phone is connected to the internet. So you will need to have your phone with you all the way, which is feasible for running and cycling, a little less for swimming.

Garmin 735xt: two set up tricks

I would like to point out two settings that made me waste some time when I set up the watch.

The tongue

It is possible to set the language directly on the Garmin 735xt going in settings -> system -> language. Clearly it was one of the first things I did as soon as I started using the watch.

Shortly after, the language returned to English ... everything was repeated a couple of times until I realized that the language setting on the Connect app was "English". Every time the Garmin 735xt synchronized with the app, the app settings won over those of the watch, returning the language to English.

To change the language on the Connect app (version you need to go to "My day" -> click on the clock icon (the third at the top) -> device settings -> system -> language.

Relocation Notice

According to Garmin, to stay fit, you need to take a certain number of steps every hour. If the Garmin 735xt detects that you do not walk for about an hour, it displays the message "Get moving!" on the clock display.

The problem is that the message appears regardless of the number of steps or the activity we have already done during the day.

I happened to run the marathon and, when in the afternoon I was enjoying a well-deserved rest, to see the infamous "Move!" on the display.

But today I've already done 42 km, what else should I do? It was there that I decided I had to find a way to deactivate it.

Honestly, it took me a while to figure out how to disable the "Move!" (which Garmin calls “Relocation Notice”), partly because I couldn't find anyone online to explain how to do it.

The Relocation Notice can be deactivated directly from the clock by going to Settings-> Activity Tracking -> Travel Alert

As for the language, however, it must also be deactivated from the app otherwise, at the first synchronization, the app settings will win over those of the watch and reactivate it.

On the Connect app (version you have to go in "my day" -> click on the clock icon (the third at the top) -> device settings -> Activity detection (to be deactivated).

And finally we will be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest without the Garmin 735xt urging us to move! :-)

Garmin 735xt on Amazon: price

You can buy the Garmin 735xt in the best sports stores or you can order it on Amazon receiving it comfortably at home in a few days.

At this time the Garmin 735xt is on offer on Amazon at 223.25 euros, with a 26% discount on the list price of 349.99 euros. For more information and the price updated in real time you can visit this Amazon page.

I remind you that by ordering on Amazon, if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can return the product within 7 days and get a refund.

curated by Lelio Lassandro - Team Runsmile ASD

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