Dog on the balcony barking

Dog on the balcony barking

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Dog on the balcony, abandoned or happy, of the neighbor or ours, it is good to always ask why it is there and if it suits us. Without condemning anyone a priori, dogs are not balcony animals, they can stay there temporarily and not under a blazing sun, or even in blizzard temperatures. Let's see what to do if we see a dog on the balcony.

Dog on the balcony barking

This is a classic: the quarrel between neighbors because one of them has a dog on the balcony barking. This happens especially when it is a habit and not an occasional situation, and if the dog remains on the balcony for several hours, creating disturbance to the whole neighborhood and sometimes even to the neighborhood.

Not to mention that in summer, especially in the city, the balcony is a real one death trap for a barking dog perhaps hoping that someone will come to save him.

Dog on the abandoned balcony

If we notice a dog on the balcony that stays there for a long time, that's good alert those in charge because it may have been abandoned there. In these cases, the environmental conditions are not watched and the police are warned why the master is punishable.

Who abandon pets or keeps them in captivity commits a crime. If so, it is also better to document the fact that, at that moment, the dog is abandoned and that it has been for many hours so that it is clear that the animal was not left there for just a couple of hours.

Dog on the balcony: reads

The law is not clear and clear on this situation so it is often difficult to assess and understand if the owner acted in good faith or even to make the dog feel better. Sometimes, in fact, a dog on the airy and cool balcony, can feel much better than at home. Much therefore depends on surrounding conditions and the time in which the animal remains on the terrace.

It is important to evaluate well the conditions of the animal and the space available which must be suitable for your size. It is obvious that a purse dog and a St. Bernard are not comfortable in the same amount of square meters and have different needs.

In general the law says that if the balcony is shaded, even partially, and there is water available, then there is no disputable illegal conduct but if the animal is exposed to the scorching sun and has no shelter, then the Carabinieri and / or the Municipal Police must be called.

The law contains "Anyone who owns animals in conditions incompatible with their nature, and producing severe suffering", then from time to time it must be understood what is meant by "Severe suffering", also seen that the dog cannot tell what he has suffered.

Abused dog on the balcony

A dog on the balcony on a temporary basis is not officially considered a mistreated dog. Therefore, in these cases there is no crime of animal abuse nor that of abandoning animals.

But if we see an animal that we believe may suffer, maybe for the risk of strangling yourself with a leash or else, better not stand and watch, hoping that the master will soon let him into the house. We can try to contact the owner and if he doesn't respond, proceed with a vet and firefighters who will save him by paying the first attention.

Dog on the balcony at night

A dog on the balcony at nightand most likely barks at every noise it hears. There are some summer nights in which maybe you are more happy because of the temperature but we make sure that it does not create too much trouble for those who live nearby.

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