What to grow on the balcony in May

What to grow on the balcony in May

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What to grow on the balcony in May - Without even doing it on purpose May is perfect month to start a vegetable garden your terrace because it is full of opportunities and the climate has stopped playing tricks that can compromise our work as growers. Let's roll up our sleeves and look around, let's give our home an extra touch of green that is not just any green because a vegetable garden is different from a houseplant, it requires care, satisfactions and allows us not only to admire but also to bite what we have created from almost nothing. Taken by enthusiasm, let's not throw ourselves at the first seeds that we find on the supermarket shelf or online but let's find out about what to grow on the balcony in May.

We have a wide range of plant types, we can choose between fruit and vegetables, and also insert some aromatic plant.

What to grow on the balcony in May: vegetables

In this month we can sow classic Mediterranean vegetables, such as courgettes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes. We can make ratatouille a gogo, then, and many vegetable sauces and salads, stuffed vegetables and so on, all at zero km. If there is space or if we prefer, we can also opt for lettuce and add green beans, to be kept for the winter. We can sow or even buy some seedlings in pots to be transplanted by covering the base well with earth.

Zucchini is some of the easiest and most satisfying to grow. We must take a vase 20 centimeters deep and about 30 wide and put some clay balls on the bottom, then cover with organic soil and compost. Then we can put the zucchini seedling in it and cover it with earth so that only the base and the leaves emerge.

Let's choose a suitable position for a plant that needs a lot of sun and remember to give it plenty of water during the coolest hours of the day, early in the morning or at sunset, in the evening. The plant will produce flowers first, yummy, and then the fruit usually ready on average after 40-60 days from sowing. Be careful not to be enticed by the flowers by picking them before the fruit comes out, because at that point the plant stops producing and dies. To protect the courgette plants from aphids, fungi or bacteria we can prepare a decoction to spray, a decoction of garlic by boiling one head in a liter of water for 15 minutes.

Easy and useful also i cherry tomatoes whose plant adapts very easily to the balcony of those who want to grow it. In general, she loves temperate environments and sunbathing, but there is no need to keep up with her every day because she is quite resistant. The seedlings are from bury between April and May in neutral or slightly acid soil making a furrow at least 30 cm deep. If you know what a tomato plant is like, you know that it does not stand up by itself and needs a vertical support that we will have to provide but don't think about who knows what, just a small stem to tie it to.

When the days arrive with 20-25 ° C our tomatoes will be ripe and ready for some fantastic recipes or simple salads. To make them grow well we mustwater regularly, better after sunset and avoiding creating stagnant water, and never cut into flowers. To defend tomatoes from aphids and nematodes, horseradish can be associated with tomatoes.

What to grow on the balcony in May: fruit

Summer is coming and we are all probably looking forward to peaches and apricots. It is a bit difficult to grow them on the balcony as well as melons and watermelons, but we can be content with strawberries and blueberries.

What to grow on the balcony in May: herbs

We finish with a touch of flavor that is especially in May with basil and chilli, two excellent ingredients for many summer recipes.

Basil is really easy to grow and on the kitchen balcony it's perfect. Just get a large pot and a sunny place to arrange it by filling it with universal soil in which to insert basil seeds and cover again with another layer of soil. Just don't go below 15 ° and the basil grows serenely reaching 5-6 centimeters in height. We leave space between one plant and another, water constantly and when it reaches 20-25 centimeters we can trim it with scissors. If possible, we sow during the waning moon. To defend our seedlings from snails, we approach a tomato plant, to defend them from caterpillars and aphids, we need garlic instead.
Top after top we will get to stock up on basil, excellent for cooking pesto or for a caprese salad. It is useful to know that it is possible to keep basil leaves in oil or in the freezer.

To cultivate the chili pepper starting with the plants, May is the right month and we can place them in our garden on the balcony, in a pot in which we have put a handful of gravel at the bottom, to help drain the water. We look for an illuminated area but sheltered from the currents to obtain peppers usable in the kitchen, immediately fresh or dried in the sun and reduced to powder. Chilli is a hardy plant but desires constant watering. We pay attention to stagnant water. Other risks for chilli are related to the presence of aphids, mites and the spider mite that we can hunt by combining the chilli pepper with lettuce or dill.
If you are afraid of not knowing how to use chilli in the kitchen, in this book you can find interesting ideas: “Chilli. Spicy recipes, secrets and curiosities "

What to do for the garden on the balcony in May

While we cultivate the vegetables and herbs of May we can also carry on for the months to come that will be just as greedy. We are always on guard because the weeds in this period they are particularly aggressive and they slip into all the small spaces they find.

The same goes for pests that pop up in pots hiding among the leaves. We watch our seedlings carefully and try to avoid chemical pesticides when there are natural options. One of the easiest to produce and most useful is the nettle macerate which is a bit universal, it works for different species. Also there sage comes to our aid in May, attracting beneficial insects, predators of harmful ones.

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