How to recycle old sweaters at the end of the season

The period of freezing temperatures is about to end and we are already stampeding to wear lighter clothes but we have to change the wardrobe. It is the perfect time to get rid of the garments we already know not to use next year: let's avoid putting them away, a little decluttering doesn't hurt but before throwing them away or giving them away, let's try to ask ourselves how to recycle old sweaters at the end of the season.

There are so many ways to do it that, I assure you, you will be undecided about what to do with it but you will never get close to throw away an old woolen garment in the dustbin after reading and this is our main goal. We are aware that we are not inventing anything new, for our grandmothers or at least for our ancestors, it depends on the generation that is reading us, this reuse was automatic and necessary, too.

It was automatic for example unpack old sweaters homemade to recover the wool, make new balls of it with which to create other clothes or scarves and hats for the coming winter. Today we are not all capable of knitting, and time does not abound, but this does not mean that we must give up ours recycling work. There are much faster tricks to learn how to recycle old sweaters at the end of the season and give a creative touch at the same time to our home or our personal look,

How to recycle old home sweaters

From a shirt that is a little damaged or that we are really tired of wearing, we can create an object for our home. A cup cover, a lampshade, a pillow cover, a warm blanket or a pillow for the cat if we are lucky enough to live with one of these felines.

The cup cover, useful and decorative, it is perfect for people like me who heat water in the microwave and risk getting burned with every cup of chamomile tea or tea they sip. It is prepared by selecting and cutting directly the parts you need, of the right length, from the sleeves of the old sweater. We can then simply make the hem or engage in applying decorations by embroidering them. If we do not want to use the sleeves we can take the cup, place it on the sweater lengthwise and rotate it to take the measurements. We then cut the sweater, with a little margin to make the hem, and sew the fabric with needle and thread, in the area of ​​the handle we can create two buttonholes in correspondence with two buttons.

Similar is the mechanism for preparing a lampshade cover. Just slip the sweater on the lampshade and cut the remaining wool and then close the fabric on the edges of the same with the help of glue and clothespins while it dries. The atmosphere will become soft and original, velvety.

Also in pillows they can be covered with an old sweater, just take the measurements and do a bit of cutting and sewing, to get new linings to decorate as you like. If there are many sweaters that we are discarding at the end of the season, we can even create a blanket from scratch. It is not difficult at all and the result can be extraordinary. We cut out from each garment all the parts that we can still use and compose them in puzzle bringing the colors closer and the shapes we prefer. The effect will be a "patchwork" blanket to keep on hand for the still cool evenings of early spring and for the following winter.

But if we have a cat in the house, we can decide to give him our recycled creation by preparing a pillow on which he can laze satisfied. We sew the neck with needle and thread and make a seam that reaches from one armpit to the other dividing the shirt into two parts. Starting from the sleeves, we pad the upper part of the sweater with wadding or old clothes and then the lower part, then we sew the lower part of the sweater to seal the padding. We take the sleeves and insert one into the other to form a donut to be fixed by sewing, we finish the work by sewing the sleeves with a central cushion.

How to recycle old sweaters for us

An old sweater can stay with us even next winter by turning into hat, bag, bracelet, gloves, scarf, leg warmer or neck warmer. It does not lose the habit of warming us up but from other parts of the body.

Especially from children's sweaters we can make hats by cutting out the necessary fabric, sewing it and adding a cute Cheerleaders. A bit of cut and sew and imagination and you can also create bags, with the sleeves folded along the long side to act as soft and slightly elastic handles. If you prefer, you can also make a scarf and gloves, with or without fingers, depending on your preferences and the amount of wool you have available. Associated with what is left over, you can also get some leg warmers, from the sleeves, or a comfortable neck warmer with the ends blocked by buttons.

Less obvious are the bracelets to be obtained by recycling a old sweater at the end of the season. Let's try. It starts with the cuffs, which may have remained leftover from one of the previous creations. They already have the right size, just roll them up and block them with a sewing stitch to form a bracelet. If we already have bracelets at home, we can use a colorful sweater to cover them, they will be as good as new.

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