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How to plant a tree? The first thing to know is that there is a difference between plant a tree one year (technically called astone) e trees more mature of 2, 3, 4 years up to the adult specimens. In fact, the former must be planted in the winter months (choosing the hottest hours) from November to March, while the latter can be transplanted in any season of the year.

Given this, however plant a tree from fruit optimally need a hole in the ground of at least 1 cubic meter. If you are not a professional and do not have excavators or drills available, a hole of this size can be difficult and then you can go down to 70 centimeters, but no less. The rule is that: the bigger the planting hole, the better the roots grow, which find soft and loose soil.

The optimal stratigraphy of the pit prepared for plant a tree when fruiting, it should have a 20 cm draining layer on the bottom to avoid water stagnation. The most suitable materials for this purpose are medium and small-sized stones, shards, gravel or even expanded clay.

The second layer (starting from the bottom) should be made up of field earth which, in case it is too hard, too calcareous, too stony and too clayey, can be amended by mixing up to 20-30% of sand or fresh soil. This layer can take up to 30 centimeters.

At this point (we have risen 50 centimeters from the bottom) we can foresee a layer of fertilization, which must also be provided on the surface at the base of the stem. The most suitable fertilizer is well-seasoned natural manure (bovine or equine) in variable doses depending on the quality: if it is manure from manure, 7-8 shovelfuls for the bottom and 3 for the surface; if it is pellets, 3 shovelfuls for the bottom and 1 for the surface.

For plant in the correct way a tree when fruiting, it is necessary to approach the finer and looser soil well with the roots, without crushing it too much. Once the pint is in place and the hole is completely filled, it is necessary to water abundantly (in winter this operation must always be done in the hottest hours). Generally sparse and abundant waterings are to be preferred to frequent but short ones.

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