DIY dog house

DIY dog house

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Would you like to build one DIY dog bed?

The undertaking is certainly not impossible, even if you will be required to devote some time to this activity and, above all, a little manual skills.

Having said that, if you have this ambition, we still recommend you give it a try: you may discover a particular trend for DIY and, above all, you will be able to build a new home for your dog, totally customized. But how to do it?

Building a dog house

The first thing we want to share with you is the fact that you can find gods on the market modular economic kits ready, and which are easily modular. These kits will allow you to make dog beds in just a few steps, without risks and mistakes for measuring lengths and heights.

So, if your dog needs a new house, or you simply want to enrich your garden with hospitality spaces, the purchase of an all-inclusive kit could probably be the preferential choice.

In these cases, the only thing you need to be careful about is choosing the right model. In fact, you will find dozens of different models on the market, and not all of them might be to your liking for your projects or for your dog.

A practical alternative, like the one we want to present to you today, is instead linked to the possibility of build a dog house yourself. But is it difficult? Let's find out together some ideas from which your project should start.

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Tips for building a dog house

To build a effective dog house and suited to the needs of your four-legged friend, you must first of all create a project, black on white, that can guide you in the realization of all the fundamental steps for your goals.

First of all, take care of its size. Remember that, however intuitive it is, the dog should comfortably enter his home and stand upright on the prints without any difficulty. It should also be large enough for the dog to turn around and therefore have a width compatible with its size.

L'entrance to the kennel it can of course be built in a more reduced way, tendentially lower, in such a way that internal heat can be sufficiently conserved even during the winter. Just be careful not to overdo it: creating a too narrow entrance could create difficulties for the dog to enter and exit, which could therefore become disaffected with the use of this kennel.

Obviously, for these reasons, your dog's kennel should not have any obstacles placed in front of its entrance. Eliminate all possible barriers, thus allowing your dog to understand that he can enter in total safety and comfort.

Lift it off the ground

Still on the subject of main ideas and advice that you should take into due consideration in order to create one good dog house, we want to remind you also on this occasion that it is essential to lift it off the ground.

The rise from the ground (just a few centimeters is enough!) Can be achieved by placing the structure on some pallets or on a specially built platform. In this way you can greatly improve the thermal insulation of your kennel, avoiding direct contact with cold ground, typical of the winter months.

Where to place the kennel

But where to place the dog bed?

Obviously, when we talk about this issue, we are talking about a fundamental topic for the success of your project, given that the correct arrangement of the kennel will allow your dog to improve the convenience of access and management of his new "apartment" .

In general, what we advise you to do is to place the kennel in a place that does not allow the dog to have excessive visibility on the driveway. Or, at least, that it doesn't have a greater visibility than you might have.

Your goal must in fact be to make the dog understand that the "pack leader" is you, and that you are in control of the territory.

Evidently, the above must also coincide with the need to make your dog feel safe at all times. Therefore, you just need to place the kennel in a comfortable and quiet area, but placing a visual obstacle between the entrance area and the kennel.

The presence of a visual barrier will also allow the filtering of noises and passages of people, which could annoy the dog, making him think that, after all, the kennel is not as safe as he thinks!

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