How to build a Birdgarden, the bird garden

How to build a Birdgarden, the bird garden

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It is your dream to learn how to build a Birdgarden? It is an outdoor space specially created, or adapted, to attract birds and welcome them in the best possible way. Together with them they can also live with other wild animals that have habits compatible with theirs.

Described in this way, a Birdgarden it may not look so attractive and fun but what you have to imagine is a green space, full of plants and perfumes, and inhabited by many animals that here find refreshment and a space to stop and rest, mate, perhaps, and live. The good thing is that it is not necessary to have a garden with who knows what characteristics, to create a bird garden, you just need a minimum space that can also be a terrace or a balcony. You need patience, yes, because the little birds they do not arrive on command, they must feel they can trust and feel at ease. On a practical level, there are few steps to take and we will soon go to see them together.

When you have yours birdgarden, alive and lived, you will be able to realize with your eyes and with your ears the great joys that derive from it. You will see many species of birds pass by and you will be able to observe them closely, without disturbing, and together with them they will also arrive cute insects and small mammals. You will be authorized to study their daily life, to learn their habits and to enjoy the little magic that those who do not have a birdgarden cannot know, cannot have the opportunity to perceive.

How to build a birdgarden: first steps

Let's start with the ABC, precisely because anyone can build a bird garden, it is not necessary to be an ornithologist, a botanist, or a gardener. However, there are some essential elements to respect in order to meet the needs of these little animals to leave from food and water, but also protection and peace of mind. It is not enough that they are on a full stomach to feel at home: almost all birds, at least those we are now meaning to, harmless and peaceful, have predators from which they must hide every day. Cats, other birds, other mammals who see them as an excellent dinner. There is no need to build bastions or tree houses, much more simply in ours birdgarden we must foresee the presence of trees and shrubs but also of rock walls.

During the winter, evergreen hedges or stacks of dry branches and leaves, piles of rocks or logs can also provide shelter.

In the choice of plants for ours special garden, we must be guided less by aesthetics and more by practice. There must be different bands of vegetation divided by height, the lowest in front, the others behind. The most popular are the berry shrubs and spontaneous herbaceous plants.

During the summer, starting from spring, we must avoid heavy pruning and use only natural mulch to feed the plants. The use of pesticide products and chemical fertilizers, just by “feeling” their presence, all the birds will stay away from your green corner.

How to build a birdgarden in the garden

Beyond the extent of your garden, even if it is a green corner that survives between the buildings, don't give up: you can build your own birdgarden and welcome passing birds or the area. Let's start by adding a hedge, if there isn't one already. They are very useful for birds, they are a perfect shelter to settle with the nest and in any case to keep away predators such as cats. Among the best we find blackthorn, hawthorn and dogwood, with very tasty berries that like to blackbirds, thrushes and starlings while the blackcap prefers those of the elderberry and the lantana. The holly attracts different types of birds that create their nests there.

In addition to the hedge, you also need some lawn that you have to let it grow naturally. If we begin to mow it frequently and remove weeds, it loses meaning for the birds, which must be able to find food and material to build the nest. Let's not forget that the lawn, a beautiful natural meadow full of flowers and herbs, also attracts the butterflies that are welcome in a birdgarden.

We have reasoned for now thinking we have available a garden, even if small, but if the space at our disposal is that of a courtyard, no problem. We can equip ourselves with Fr.potted plants (hawthorn, cherry, lavender, honeysuckle, wild apple, etc.) and complete the work with some manger, especially for the winter period.

Garden or courtyard, water must never be lacking. Where there is no water, birds do not come looking for it to quench their thirst and also for take a bath. Many of them are very careful about hygiene. Don't imagine a fountain in grand style, stick a basin of water exposed to the sun with some stones where the birds can lean more comfortably.

How to build a birdgarden on the balcony

We are on the fifth floor of an apartment building and we want to become the managers of a birdgarden? Let's roll up our sleeves, because it can be done. As just mentioned, we start providing water to our feathered friends, and then we decorate our balcony with plants and small potted shrubs and aromatic herbs. Let's remember to warn them of the presence of a glass, that of our windows, with curtains or anti-collision adhesive shapes.

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