Calculate your ecological footprint

Calculate your ecological footprint

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The calculation of the ecological footprint it is the operation to be carried out to know how much our lifestyle weighs on the planet. The ecological footprint is a statistical index that relates the human consumption of natural resources with the Earth's ability to regenerate them. Thecalculation of the ecological footprintanswers this question:how many hectares of forest are needed to absorb your annual emissions?

Incalculation, smartphone applications, specialized portals and industry tools come to our aid. Among the useful links you will find the link totoolof the WFF for thecalculation of the ecological footprint. This tool examines many of our life habits, the only flaw of the tool released by the WWF is that it does not carry out targeted analyzes on the direct water consumption of each individual. The information required by the WWF to carry out thecalculation of the ecological footprintconcern:

  • Supply
    - do you follow a vegetarian diet?
    -Do you consume mostly organic food?
    -Do you consume locally produced food?
    -How many times a week do you eat white meat?
    -How many times a week do you eat red meat?
    -How many times a week do you consume cured meats?
  • Housing
    -how many are you at home?
    - your annual electricity consumption (fortunately it is in euros and not in kW!)
    - how often do you buy household products (detergents, softeners ...)
    - how often do you purchase personal hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner ...)
  • Transportation
    -how many cars do you own?
    - how many kilometers do you travel in a year with a private car?
    - are you traveling alone?
    -Do you use the tram? The train? Metro? The bus?
    -how many kilometers do you travel by plane in a year?
    -Do you travel outside the EU?
    - how much does your car consume?
    -Do you have an efficient or normal driving style?
  • Consumer goods (mobile phones, computers, gadgets, accessories, devices ...)
    - in the last three years how many times have you changed mobile phones, computers, iPods, TVs…?
  • Services
    -how many magazines do you buy in a month?
    -how many books do you buy?
    -how often do you go to the restaurant, the cinema, the bar…?

Calculating the ecological footprintyou will be able to get a rough idea of ​​how much you cost to planet earth! The wwf tool will not only tell you the tons of CO2 that you produce within a year but will also provide you with terms of comparison: theaverage ecological footprint of the Italian inhabitantsis 9.2 tons of CO2 emitted in a year. If in thecalculate your ecological footprintshould a result greater than 15 tons of CO2 per year come out… there are many things to review in your lifestyle!

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