Vitamin D deficiency: causes and consequences

Vitamin D deficiency: causes and consequences

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Even poor exposure to sunlight can cause one vitamin D deficiency but there are other possible reasons to consider. What you need to know is that this problem should not be overlooked because it can also cause gods cardiovascular problems. Better to deepen, therefore, because sometimes a healthy lifestyle can give us a hand and fix all the parameters.

This low vitamin D condition can also be termed hypovitaminosis D it may well depend on insufficient sun exposure but also on a wrong diet or on pathologies affecting the kidneys or liver. Some medications can also cause your levels to drop vitamin D.

Vitamin D: benefits

Why is Vitamin D so important to our health? Let's take a closer look at why this vitamin, always associated with the sun, has very varied properties. This fat-soluble organic compound, for example, promotes bone growth in children and in general strengthens the bones because it favors the deposition of calcium in the bone tissue. It promotes thecalcium absorption in the intestine and the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus in the kidney, it also maintains normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus.

To ensure a good level of vitamin D it is important to stay in the sun but also to eat properly, following a diet rich in foods with this vitamin. L'Cod liver oil it is full of them but there are others that are more pleasant and almost as valid.

Vitamin D deficiency: what

To talk about deficiency it is necessary for doctors to make an objective assessment of the situation, therefore it is necessary to measure the blood levels of calcidiol, also known as 25-hydroxycalciferol. This ailment can also manifest itself with the appearance of rickets if it happens to children, adolescents and children, or with early forms of osteomalacia and osteoporosis, in adulthood.

Vitamin D deficiency: causes

To avoid being left with low levels of vitamin D it is certainly necessary to get a lot of sun but not enough. Eating in a balanced way is also essential. That said, it's not easy to be out in the sun a lot in some situations. For those who live in Italy this may sound strange but let's try to think of those who live in areas very far from the equator, for example. Lifestyle matters too, and those who work in an office that close for many hours, from morning to evening, have little chance of be outside.

One of the causes of low vitamin D can also be a less intestinal absorption. And then there are the pathological causes that can relate to liver disease or kidney disease. Finally, there are some drugs that inhibit the metabolism of this vitamin such as some antivirals and some anti rejection drugs.

All of us are called to follow the directions regarding lifestyle and nutrition, but sometimes there are risk factors that do not strictly depend on us. Older people may have less vitamin D because the skin loses some of its productive efficiency. Even dark skin can be a problem in this sense because it has a lower skin production efficiency. Diseases such as osteoporosis and Crohn's disease or celiac disease, compromise the absorption of vitamin D and create imbalances. People with gastric bypass must learn to manage themselves because their absorption efficiency is lower than average.

Some risk factors are partly dependent on our choices, however, and we can intervene. For example by quitting smoking or by keeping to a correct weight and not by over-drinking alcohol.

Vitamin D: where to find it

We conclude with a roundup of foods that contain this vitamin so that you can immediately adjust your diet in a pleasant way, if possible. It's not as simple as with other vitamins, this research, because we find in the list a series of really difficult foods, starting with the first which is cod liver oil. Then continue with fatty fish (in particular mackerel, herring, tuna, carp, eel, catfish and salmon), oysters and shrimp.

Anyone who doesn't love fish can count on fatty cheeses, butter, egg yolk, liver meat and mushrooms. I point out that the only vegetable source of vitamin D are mushrooms, which become so essential for those who have chosen to follow a vegetarian diet. There are also foods that we can find enriched with vitamin D and that could come to our aid, especially if we don't eat fish. I refer for example to the soy milk, cow's milk, orange juice, cereals and oatmeal.

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