Why does the dog bite: reasons and remedies

Why does the dog bite: reasons and remedies

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It seems like a trivial question, if we think about why the dog bites on occasions when he has explicit reasons for doing so, such as if there is a thief, if someone attacks his master or if he has to defend himself "in person". But there are times when, I can testify, the dog bites and it is not clear why, it seems almost out of affection or for fun, but it is not entirely pleasant even if it is armed with good intentions.

Let's try to understand the reasons why he does this and how to behave with him so as not to encourage this tendency. I would like to say for make him give up, but it is not at all easy, if you have taken this "vice" or way of communicating. Thing?

Why does the dog bite: reasons

Not being able to feel the objects around him, with his paws, a dog can do nothing but use his mouth to explore the area. Smelling very often is not enough, it is not satisfying enough, so the mouth is important to better understand what is happening around him. Often and willingly a dog, especially if an enthusiastic puppy, cannot measure its strength and finds itself biting in an exaggerated way, out of curiosity. Obviously he is not aware of doing harm so he bites the case, what happens in front of him. Even your master. Don't imagine big, aggressive bites but they can still hurt a lot if they happen in the wrong place.

This manifesting one's curiosity for the world through the bite, it is typical of puppies, above all, but we can also find it in adult dogs, who have remained curious.

Puppies, too, may have the need to "get their teeth", usually up to 7 months. To do this they chew and bite when they feel pain related to tooth growth. On the one hand, it is understandable but on the other, as masters, we have a duty to say something and try to make it clear that biting may not be pleasant. Education is very important, then we will see how, to ensure that once the growth period has passed, the dog stops biting and chewing whatever comes within reach. From an early age we can teach him to distinguish what can be termor, his games or an old newspaper, and what shouldn't even be touched, like our shoes or a guest's bag.

We must ensure that the animal does not take the habit of relaxing by biting or that at least he only bites a few things to relax, and not everything that comes within range. There are other emotions that can be connected to the habit of biting and they are boredom and anxiety.

Have you ever tried to leave a dog alone in the house for too long? Very often it tends to cause disasters, especially by biting what it finds in the various rooms. Also an anxious dog it can come and bite because a strong destructive impulse is unleashed within it. A classic case of canine anxiety is separation anxiety.

Why does the dog bite: tips

When we notice that our dog bites objects for no reason necessary to intervene but it is not trivial to do it correctly, obtaining evident results. First of all let's avoid big outbursts, totally useless because, if you have read the reasons behind them to his bite, there are no bad intentions. The dog would therefore not explain the reason for the scolding. We try to make sure that the dog's mouth does not hurt and bite us and if he has an object in his mouth that we want to save, let's propose another one and let him understand that what he is using is not good with a sharp "NO".

It is always important to give to the dog not a punishment but a valid alternative, so that he convinces himself to quit but doesn't take it as a wrong. When he bites from one side to the other, we try to involve him in another more fun activity that interests him. At the top of the ranking there is certainly that of eating, in which the dog is always interested, but it is clear that it must connect the food reward to the fact that it has stopped biting.

Why does the dog bite: what not to do

The worst thing to do is punish the dog and scold him, because he will never understand why and we will not get anything from him. Biting is an instinct, and yelling doesn't stop it. We do not allow him to bite us, even as a puppy, because it is a signal of domination and he would end up thinking that he has us in his hand, then it is difficult to convince him otherwise.

Why does the dog bite: toys

We talked about valid alternatives for the bite, let's see some that can also be purchased online. It is about accessories designed ad hoc in form and material, suitable for the purpose and not harmful at all. The dog bite is highly destructive and it is important to realize this so as not to provide objects that can be easily destroyed and also be harmful to the animal.

For less than 20 euros you can buy one on Amazon toy toothbrush to chew, very resistant to bites and non-toxic. At a similar price you can also buy a complete set of 8 dog ropes, to chew without fear.

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