Water softener: what it is for and benefits

Water softener: what it is for and benefits

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Precisely because the water that flows in our pipes is full of residues and crystallized mineral salts, a device such as the'Water softener. It has nothing to do with sugar, the word sweet does not indicate that type of concept but is related to the quantity of the above-mentioned particles that make the water hard and harmful to our pipes.

Let's go together to find out how this device is made and what it is for. There are several models that we find on the market and it is equally important to know which one is right for us according to the situation in which we find ourselves. Usually you have a device such as thewater softener to avoid damage to pipes and coils of appliances, the places where crystals accumulate.

Water softener: what is it for?

The water softener is the solution for our pipes in the presence of hard water that therefore damages them because it settles in systems and creates encrustations. The consequences are different. When mineral salts and residues of various types accumulate and decrease the energy efficiency of our pipes as well as impacting the cleaning capacity of washing machines and dishwashers. In fact, when the water cannot flow freely in the pipes of these appliances, the dishes and plates, the clothes, do not come out as clean as they should.

Even when we use this hard water forpersonal hygiene, problems can occur because our body also prefers sweetness. Hair, first of all, and not only: even the skin becomes dry if it continues to be in contact with hard water, not to mention surfaces such as tiles and tubs that bear the mark for years, if not forever. .

We did this whole list of possible damages to show what you want to prevent from happening if you take a water softener. This device is what is needed to change the situation, it is the most direct and effective solution. If the softener works, then our water systems can work too. This brings not only practical but also economic and energy advantages.

Water softener: benefits

Let's continue to find out why fresh water is better for us. First of all, we can drink it without worries, even in large quantities. Fresh water can be an interesting source of mineral salts, if only they are lacking calcium and magnesium, contains all those that can be useful to us. There are exceptions, though. For example, this type of water is highly not recommended for preparing baby milk because it would lead us to give them too much sodium, much more than what they need. Why the sodium? Because it is the mineral used to make water less hard. If there is already a lot of calcium in the water itself, you can get a milk that is not recommended-

We have already mentioned, but better reiterate, the economic and energy advantages of the water softener. The consumption of detergents can be reduced by up to 70% with satisfactory results. On the contrary, think that doing laundry with hard water avoids a lot of damage to the pipes and allows us to take advantage of shorter washing programs. And what about energy? Yes savings: the average energy saving for heating hot water is estimated at around 15-20%.

If we have a solar heating, the softener gives us another advantage related to the efficiency of solar heating systems.

Magnetic water softener

One of the two softeners we are going to discover shortly is this, themagnetic, because it uses the magnetic field, which it forms itself, to transform calcium into aragonite

If we look carefully at how this model works, we realize that what actually happens is a kind of exchange between calcium and sodium while the magnet transforms the calcium in carbonate without lowering the hardness of the water but saving the health of pipes and taps, appliances, clothing and clothes.

Domestic water softener

A real softener is that domestic, so called on the one hand because it is very simple, on the other it gives very experimental results, it is difficult to create a literature in this sense.

This softener it really works by obeying what its name says and eliminates the calcium and magnesium ions present in the water we use at home. Attached to this device there is always the domestic water system and an exchange takes place. In place of the positively charged ions, therefore of calcium and magnesium, sometimes even iron, minerals such as sodium and potassium are put. This process can take place automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

Water softener: how to choose

To understand which one softener take, we begin to understand how hard the water that reaches our house is and how much water we need every day. If the water is very hard, a larger appliance is required, although there is still a conditioning tank and a spill tank for drainage.

Another factor to take into consideration, useless to ignore it, is the price. Yes why from model to model, from brand to brand and even compared to its size, a softener can cost less than 100 euros as well as over 1,600. We are well aware that the expense for its purchase is not included in those deductible for the purposes of the 65% deduction provided for energy saving.

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